Stop Snoring Solutions and Natural Remedies

How to stop snoring immediately and permanently

How to stop snoring immediately

A serious lifestyle disease, snoring is affecting almost half the population of the world. In fact, 40% of the world population is affected by it as we speak. Surprising yet true.

In the past, it used to be a mere issue for your significant other. Nowadays, it’s a commonly discussed health issue. It is a lifestyle disease affecting a lot of us.

This habit affects relationship to a great extent. If we know a certain person who snores, we often end up mocking him/her or making a joke out of the illness.

However, more often than not, the snorer is not aware of that he wheezes. Moreover, he/she is not in comfort while he emits the sound. We all understand that it is not normal, right?

Hence, as a partner of a snorer, while we mostly feel irritated with the habit, if we understand the discomfort the person is going through, we will be able to emphasize with him/her. It might be a relationship saver in the end.

Since you are reading this article, I assume you want to know what to do to stop yourself from snoring. And that is exactly what article intends to do. Here you will find all effective remedies and natural treatments that will make you stop snoring immediately. But first I will explain to you what are the dangers you are exposed to when you snore. Read further.

Health risks related to snoring

snoring health risks and concerns

Although it might seem harmless, the serious health risk of snoring cannot and should not be ignored. So what can it lead to? Here are a few of them.

Interruptions in breathing

It is all about breathing. While sleeping, the air passage into the body gets obstructed which then leads to snoring. In this process, a person might stop breathing completely for as much as 10 seconds. The duration depends entirely on the amount of blockage in the nasal passageway. Think about someone forcefully stopping you to breathe. How will you feel? The same thing happens to a snorer.

Disturbed sleep

Since the supply of oxygen to the body gets hindered while sleeping, a person wakes up continuously. Unfortunately, snorers don’t get a good night’s sleep. Even if he does, it is so light that often they wake up feeling unfresh.

Heart diseases

Since oxygen supply is hindered, the heart has to work extra to supply the required amount to the body for normal functioning of the body. This puts immense pressure on the heart. As a result, people often develop heart diseases. One of the most worrying is the link between atherosclerotic plaque development and damage to the carotid artery. This, in turn, leads to carotid artery atherosclerosis, a chronic condition that involves the walls of the artery thickening. The complications from atherosclerosis range from weakness and fatigue all the way up to fatal heart attacks.


Obesity is a natural fallout. As the supply of oxygen to the body is less than that of ordinary people, metabolism slows down. As a result, people tend to put on weight. Actually snoring and obesity is a catch 22 situation. Due to excess fat around the neck, people make the noise, and then because of wheezing, people put on extra weight. If one thing is tackled, the other gets tackled automatically.

Kidney Problems

The lesser supply of oxygen affects the functioning of all the vital organs. A kidney is one of the vital organs which requires a specific amount of oxygen to function. Eventually, kidney gets affected which can lead to a build-up of waste in the blood. This is extremely harmful in the long run.


Loud snoring can also lead to ischemic stroke as a direct result of the vibrations it causes in the carotid. It has the ability to make an atherosclerotic plaque that has become established on the wall of the artery to rupture, leading to a lack of blood flow to the brain.

Effect on mental health

Snorers suffer from fatigue and an inability to focus on tasks, making them more likely to have accidents. Sleep deprivation leads to depression, irritability and mood swings. A lack of interest in sexual urges and activities the snorer previously used to enjoy is often reported.

Think about how much effort we put in for preventing other causes of hearts attacks, strokes etc. We watch our diet, we exercise, we give up smoking and do a lot of other things. But when it comes to this bad habit, we do surprisingly little. It is not even a consideration despite it being much easier to fix than most other health risks.

What causes snoring?

How to stop snoring immediately snore causes

To address the problem, one needs to know the source of the problem, isn’t it? So, what causes snoring? It is the result of your airways being blocked, causing loud, irregular vibrations. The reasons for the blockage vary but usually are the result of the relaxations of the muscles in the throat. They cause a partial blockage of the airway, leading to irregular breathing and vibrations in the throat.

Some of the main causes of snoring are:

Jaw Displacement

While sleeping, sometimes, the jaw moves out of position, causing the throat to close

Consumption of muscle relaxants

Relaxants, such as alcohol or medication, making the throat muscles unable to stay in an open position properly

Nasal congestion

People with nasal congestion or the ones who have an obstruction in their nasal passage are prone to snort. This obstruction can be caused due to any reason – sinus infection, deviated septum or nasal polyps.

Obesity and Old age

People with excess weight or folks who are getting old are also prone to this condition. Bulky throat tissue is a major cause and it often happens when one tends to put on weight or due to the advancement of age. In most cases, people are not aware of this. So they struggle to find the answer to simple questions like why do I snore every night or why do I snore so loud at night.

Sleeping position

Sleeping On the Back exposes the tongue and soft palate to the forces of gravity. The tongue and soft palate are likely to drop back against the throat and cause obstruction.

Weak throat muscles

Poor muscle tone of the throat or tongue can also be a culprit because of which the tongue gets too relaxed and falls back on the nasal passageway while sleeping. A long uvula or a long soft palate can also be the reason. If they collapse to a great extent, the airways get narrowed or obstructed finally leading to sound.

Circumference of neck

Men with a neck circumference of more than 17 inches and women with a neck circumference of more than 16 inches are susceptible to it. Children with large nostrils or adenoids often snort as well.

Under no circumstance, this problem should be ignored. I have known people to ignore it even when they are fainting or breathing with difficulty. It can lead to more serious issues and can be the basis for breathing obstructive apnea.

As I said earlier, it is to be remembered, the fact that a person snores means that he or she is not being able to breathe properly. Just imagine how would you feel if you are not able to breathe for a few seconds. Now imagine how snorers feel, although, since they are asleep, they seldom understand the feeling.

Since there are regular breathing intervals, snorers, often wake up from sleep or wake up with headaches and feel drowsy throughout the day. Since snorers wake up so many times while sleeping, they have a light sleep.

Sleep experts say the difference between a light and heavy sleeper may be largely subjective, however, if the quality of rest goes down, in turn, it affects everyday life aspects – from work to education to family life.

Understanding the reasons why you snore can help you enormously with bringing it to a permanent end.

Is it possible to stop snoring permanently?

Well, as a professional in this field, this is a question I am asked often. This also is one of the main reasons for writing this blog. I thought of collating all the ways in which I can help my readers find relief from this discomfort.

The good news is it is curable and preventable. There are various treatments available which range from medication to surgery, with many others in between.

There are varying degrees of success within those solutions. I have laid down in details about the various snore stop remedies available – both medical and lifestyle. While getting medical help is the last resort, a person can do several lifestyle changes which can bring in immense benefit. My friends have family have received satisfaction by trying out these means, and so can you or your friends and family.

Read on to get an exhaustive list in this blog.

Home remedies and solutions

Let me first tell you the things that you can do at home. Thankfully, a few lifestyle changes bring in a world of change when it comes to wheezing or sleep quality.

1. Change in the sleeping position

Sleeping on the back is one of the primary culprits. This is because while lying on the backside, the tongue falls behind the back of the throat blocking the air passage. Sleeping sideways can control it almost immediately. You can use pillows to stop the snorer from rolling back. In fact, there are a lot of proven ways to prevent the snorer from rolling back including sewing a tennis ball into the snorer’s pajamas so that when the person rolls back, he/she would feel uncomfortable and therefore roll back to a sideways position.

2.Raising the head using Pillows

When our head is in the same position as our body, the tongue can fall back into the throat causing a blockage of air. The best way to solve this is by using a pillow which can tilt the head in such a way that the uvula and tongue don’t fall into the back of the throat.

3.Maintaining a good sleep hygiene

Maintaining a good comfort hygiene goes a long way in ensuring quality rest and a hygienic life. So what causes you to snuffle at night? Irregular sleep schedules are one of the main reasons of this problem. Working for very long hours or being stressed out can be another cause. Due to extreme stress, the body literally crashes when you hit the bed.

To avoid this, try to go to bed around the same time every day and get at least 7 hours of rest every day.
Although naps are a good way of rejuvenating yourself, don’t take frequent naps. Rather than that, wait until the end of the day to get a good night’s rest. This will improve your sleep quality to a great extent. Another important component of sleep hygiene is to avoid heavy cardio workout at least 3 hours before going to bed. Rather than that, opt for light stretching exercises and evening walks. That will help in digestion too.

4.Change Pillows And Beddings Often

This is an extension of good sleep hygiene. Allergens such as dust and pollen accumulate in our pillow and bedsheet over time. This can not only cause allergic skin problems, the pollens can get into the respiratory system causing discomfort in the nostrils. This is a major reason of disturbed sleep and wheezing at night. Changing pillowcase and bedsheets at least once a week is extremely important, especially when one is suffering from the problem. You will see a sea change in the quality of sleep.

5.Use the bed for what it is meant to be used and not for anything else.

Our brain associates the bed with sleep and relaxation. This is crucial to feeling sleepy when you hit the bed. However, if you do other activities while sitting or lying down on the bed like watching TV, surfing your laptop or mobile, etc, our brain starts associating the bed with other activities too. Hence, when you actually want to fall asleep, the brain is often unable to understand what to do and therefore, the quality of sleep gets affected. Another major culprit to disturbed sleep and snorting is surfing the mobile right before going to bed. The blue light that emanates from electronic devices is extremely harmful. When the light reaches the eye and sends signals to the brain through the visual cortex, it brakes our relaxation time.

6.Create an environment conducive to sleeping

Studies have shown the circadian rhythms of the body are affected by light and darkness. The darker the room, the better the chance of a good night’s rest. Make sure you sleep in a sufficiently dark environment. Our body goes into a relaxation mode when the room is cool. This is why we get the best sleep when we tuck inside a warm blanket on a cold night. Hence, set the temperature of the room to what is comfortable for you. Make sure the room is not too hot to ensure your body does not feel any discomfort. Remember, when we fall asleep, our normal body temperature falls by at least 1 to 2 degrees. Hence, the room temperature needs to be below that to relax the nerves and muscles and slide into a good night’s sleep.

7.Avoid alcohol and smoking and NO caffeine before going to bed

Wondering how to avoid snoring at night? Avoid alcohol before bed. Consumption of alcohol relaxes the body muscles, making the tissues around the throat and nose soft.
When the tongue becomes relaxed, it is more susceptible to falling back on the throat causing a person to snore. Smoking, on the other hand, blocks the nasal passage. Cigarette smoke irritates your nose and throat, causing swelling. Hence, avoiding both at least four hours of bed is extremely important to reduce the problem to a great extent.

8.Lose Weight

Obesity and snoring are very closely related. As I explained earlier, it is a catch 22 situation. When you snore, sufficient oxygen does not enter your body. Hence, what happens is your metabolism gets affected, and in turn, you put on weight. On the other hand, when you put on weight, fat gets deposited around the throat placing pressure on the air making it difficult to breathe. Hence, losing weight is of utmost importance. There are several proven ways to lose weight like diet and exercise. See a nutritionist and a fitness instructor. Get those muscles moving. When you lose weight, you will see a great change in your overall health and activeness. Plus it comes with the added advantage of fitting into that dress which you always wanted to wear and getting appreciative glances from the one and only.

9.Foods and Diet

We all know a healthy diet is imperative for a healthy life. However, what most of us don’t know is that our diet has a huge impact on sleep hygiene and snoring. How many times did you have extremely oily food for dinner and then felt uncomfortable throughout the night? Well, that proves the point, doesn’t it? Few small changes can bring about a lot of difference in the way we sleep. To begin with, avoid oily and heavy meals for dinner. Ensure that you have your dinner by 9:30 PM and you are tucked to bed by 10:30 PM. We all love ice cream after dinner, don’t we? The bad news is that having dairy products at night can actually cause a menace to your digestive system causing disturbed sleep. Plus, milk products promote secretion of mucus, which is the main problem leading to snoring.

Another part of following a diet to prevent the problem is to replace certain food and avoid certain others. Here are a few you can try.

Replace cow milk with soy milk or almond milk or coconut milk. This reduces lactose intolerance to a great extent. Lactose sensitivity can cause swelling of the nasal passage hindering the breathing process. In fact, cow’s milk is the root cause of a lot of respiratory diseases. Consumption of tea is good for health. It reduces congestion and phlegm and thus reduces snoring. The steam from the tea is extremely beneficial for nasal congestion. So, if you are a tea lover, this is good news for you. Mix your tea with some honey because honey is also extremely beneficial for you. Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which reduce crowding around the larynx. Having some tea with honey before going to the bed will relax the throat, reduce congestion and swelling.

Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties which are extremely beneficial to get relief from snoring. While red meats are extremely tasty, eating fish is beneficial for the body. Red meats contain saturated fats which cause inflammation of the nasal passage.

Fish and legumes, on the other hand, provide proteins and well as omega acids which reduces tissue inflammation. Onions are considered to be a life-saver with regards to snoring problems. They have proven benefits with regards to cold and flu. They are decongestants and help in clearing the air passage to the body.


Exercising helps your body in two ways as far as the snoring problem is concerned. First of all, it helps in weight loss. Exercising tones your muscles which includes muscles in the throat. This definitely helps in getting relief. Secondly, there are some specific exercises which tone the muscles of the throat. These also make your throat muscles stronger so that they don’t limp back on the nasal passage obstructing the flow of air into the body.

So what are these exercises? Here are a few that you can do:

  • Pronouncing the vowels includes curling the tongue in a specific way which involves certain muscles, especially of the upper respiratory tract of the body. Repeat each vowel A-E-I-O-U and speak out loud for at least three minutes few times a day.
  • Put the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth. Now slide the tongue backward. Do this for three minutes each day.
  • Close your mouth and purse your lips. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat a few times each day.
  • Open your mouth. Move your jaw to the right and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the same for left. Repeat the overall process for a few times.
  • Open your mouth. Contract the muscle at the back of your throat several times for 30 seconds. If you do this in front of the mirror, you will actually be able to see the uvula move up and down.
  • This is the most fun one and definitely my favorite. Sing, even if you can’t. Singing works great for muscle control of the throat and strengthens the muscles.


We all know yoga is great for the body. But did you know that yoga is also an effective measure to control snoring? There are several yoga poses which bring visible results. The longer you practice, the better are the results. It increases the lung capacity, helps maintain weight and keeps the air passage clean. All these minimize snoring problems.

Here are a few yoga exercises that can be useful:

Natural treatments for snoring

There are various natural remedies available to provide relief from snoring. Such natural solutions are found in Ayurvedic, Allopathy and Homeopathy branches of medical science. I have collated some of them for you which may help you get rid of snore.

1.Inhale Steamy Eucalyptus Water

Eucalyptus has amazing powers to clear nasal congestion and provide help. Take a bowl of steamingwater and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it. Cover your head with a towel. This will clear the nasal blockage and lead to a smoother breathing. If you have the habit of carrying a handkerchief, put a few drops in the handkerchief and smell the same throughout the day. This is a great way to get relief from cold and flu as well. Read more about eucalyptus oil for snoring.

2.Use thyme essential oil

This is one of the best ones as far as snoring is concerned. It’s good effects has been proven through many studies. It is used to support respiratory wellness as well as the immune system, joint support, and muscular health. It has purifying qualities which help in cleaning of the body. It has to be mixed with a carrier oil before using. Undiluted thyme oil can irritate the skin. Apply it at the bottom of your big toes at night. You feel find your feet relaxing and soon your whole body will start relaxing.

3.Use peppermint essential oil

This is a part of the mint family. The menthol in the oil is a cooling agent which provides relief from snoring. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief from inflamed membranes of the inner lining of the nostrils. It thus prevents congestion and helps in maintaining a smooth airflow within the body. So how do you use it? There are several ways to do so. You can apply a few drops (2-3 maximum) around the nostrils before hitting the bed. For best results, do this daily. You can also inhale it which will reduce swelling of your nostrils. Do so by putting a few drops in boiling water and inhaling the steam. Another good method to use this is to put a few drops in a glass of water. Then gargle with the water. You will find a soothing effect on your throat. Make sure you don’t swallow any of this liquid. It is harmful to your body.

The problem is that none of the above methods can guarantee to keep the airway open. If their use does not provide you relief, I would suggest opting for an anti-snoring product. In the next section, I have covered this topic in detail.

Medical Intervention – Surgery

This is definitely the last measure when all the others don’t work. Surgery is very invasive and very expensive. Despite this, the results of surgery are varied and not at all guaranteed. It is only usually considered for very extreme cases, where a significant threat is posed to the snorer’s health.

A few surgery techniques available to control snoring are:

  1. Correct a deviated septum between the nostrils or remove nasal polyps that are blocking the nasal passage.
  2. Remove the soft tissue of the throat for widening the upper airway. This also includes removing the tonsils and adenoids or any other tissue from the back of the throat.
  3. Implanting plastic cylinders in the soft palate to make it stronger and prevent from vibrating. This, in turn, can reduce snoring.
  4. Changing the bone structure of the upper airway to allow air to flow freely. This may not happen in one surgery and you may have to go under the knife more than once.

As I said earlier, surgery has to be considered only in extreme cases. Even if you decide to do so, make sure, you are in good hands. A good doctor and a good hospital are essential.

Anti snore products

Another way to prevent snoring is to use the help of some products specially made to get you fix this problem quickly. There are various kinds of products available in the market which are specifically designed to help. In this section, I have covered some of these products for your reference.


Various anti-snoring pills are now available in the market to reduce the problem. They are intended to relieve the effects of blockages in the nose or other medical conditions. Most of them claim to be safe and effective, however, they have different effects on different people. They are usually made of a unique blend of herbs and enzymes. They reduce mucus formation in the body. But that’s all they do. They are ineffective in keeping the throat muscles open. Medications always run the risk of undesirable side effects.

2.Orthopaedic pillows

These are a commonly used solution. They open the throat muscles to a certain degree by putting the head and neck into the correct position. However, you need to remain in the correct sleeping position all night for it to be fully effective. That’s a tough thing to do, isn’t it? And even then, the pillow cannot secure you in place, so the effects can vary during the night.

Several types of orthopedic pillows are available in the market. The most common ones are a wedge pillow, contour pillow, latex foam pillow and CPAP pillow.

  • Wedge pillows elevate the upper body and align the spine to keep the airways completely open. In addition to snoring, they also eliminate other health problems like acid reflux. This is one of the most common types of pillows used by snorers across the world.
  • Contour pillows have a specific contour created through clinical tests and trials. They have a raised center and indented shoulders to keep the head in the right position. They literally cradle you to sleep. They are ideal for mild snorers and those suffering from sleep apnea. The wavy design helps in keeping the airway open.
  • If you are a mild snorer, you might want to invest in a latex foam pillow. They are firmer than the other types of pillows and provide support while sleeping. Many users have reported a significant drop in tossing and turning through the use of latex foam pillows.
  • Finally, there is a specific pillow for sleep apnea users who use a CPAP mask. They are called CPAP pillows and help in keeping the mask intact throughout the night. They are used widely by sleep apnea users.

3.Nasal Strips and Dilators

As I explained earlier, the main culprit with regards to snoring is the blockage of the nose. And this is exactly the problem that nasal strips or dilators seek to address. They are usually made of flexible spring-like bands which have to be fitted right above the flares of the nostrils. The underside has an adhesive which can be positioned on the nose and they stay there. When the bands try to straighten back to the original shape, they lift the sides of the nose and thus open the nasal passage. This helps in opening the inflamed passage and makes it easier to breathe. Apart from snoring, they also provide relief from congestion due to cold, allergies, deviated septum as well.

4.Stopper Vents

As compared to nose strips, stopper vents are much smaller in size and have to be fitted inside the nose strills. They are definitely most comfortable to wear. They maximize the flow of air through the nasal passage and help in reducing snoring. They are ideal for carrying while traveling.

5.CPAP Machines

These are most commonly used techniques to treat sleep apnea. When a person suffers from sleep apnea, the throat narrows down and sometimes completely closes down leading to stoppage of breathing while sleeping. This is where a CPAP machine becomes useful. It uses continuous positive airway pressure to keep the throat fully open during the night. As a result, a person breathes better and does not snore.

6. Snore essential oils

Several essential oils work wonders as far as snoring is concerned. I have already covered few of them in the above section. The other essential oils that can help are lavender, chamomile, sunflower, etc.

7. Anti-snore chin straps

A major reason for snoring is when the jaw opens and the snorer breathes through the mouth rather than through the nose. Hence, the sound emanates. A great way to find relief from this is to use an anti-snore chain strap. These are straps which one has to wear which keeps the chin closed. Therefore, the snorer is forced to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth. However, a big drawback of this is that it is extremely uncomfortable to wear especially when you sleep.

8.Snore spray for throat and nose

Nasal sprays are a widely used anti-snoring device across the world. Usually, such sprays are made with a combination of natural products or chemical substances. They have a lot of functions. First of all, they lubricate the throat muscles so that they don’t get dry while breathing during sleep. Secondly, snoring can cause the soft palate of the throat to swell. Snore sprays have anti-inflammatory properties which help. They also clear any kind of congestion in the throat.

9. Mouth Strips

The mouth strips or oral strips are another effective treatment for snoring. Basically these are small strips which have to be put on the roof of the mouth. Once inside, they dissolve and then start producing action. They keep the throat moist and provides relief from inflammation. Almost all oral strips work for 8-hours which is the standard length for sleeping.

10. Tongue retainer

As I have explained earlier, a major cause of snoring is the tongue falling back on the throat while we sleep. This problem is more pronounced for overweight people or people who have a thick tongue. Tongue retainers are instruments which have to be put inside the mouth. They keep the tongue in place. If you know that the tongue is the main reason for your snoring, this kind of device is ideal for use.

11. Mouthpiece devices

Last but definitely not the least, mouthpiece devices are one of the most effective ways to treat snoring. They are small in size and are made from food grade plastic. Once they are fitted into the mouth, they keep the lower jaw sufficiently open so that you can breathe freely. This has proven results and definitely reduces snoring.

Can any treatment stop snoring immediately?

Now coming back at the explanation that I mention above. Snoring is largely a mechanical process rather than a biological one. The best remedy for snoring is one that addresses the physical problem and makes it impossible for the conditions that lead to snoring to arise. A method that holds the airways open at all times will work immediately and effectively.

The best cure is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), also known as anti snoring mouthpiece. This is a mouth guard like device that you wear during the night. It is totally non-invasive, cheap and most importantly, it is a permanent solution to the problem.
How to stop snoring immediately mouthpiece

It prevents snoring from being physically possible, regardless of the root cause of the problem. As such, it is guaranteed to work and an MAD works immediately.

How an MAD stops snoring immediately

An MAD works by moving the jaw forward into a position that keeps the airway open at all times.

If you have learnt CPR you will be familiar with the concept. When giving a rescue breath during CPR, you put your hand under the casualty’s chin and push the jaw up and out. This opens the airway and allows you to deliver a breath to their lungs.

An MAD works on the same principle. By holding the jaw forward, it aids the airway in staying open. It is impossible to snore in that position and the jaw cannot move, so it will remain like this for the night. No matter how much you twist and turn, no matter what medication you have taken or even if your nose is blocked, an MAD holds your jaw in the correct position.

An MAD is the perfect balance of price, effectiveness and ease of use. An anti snoring mouth guard, such as the market leader AirSnore, can stop snoring immediately on the first night you use it.

It can do this naturally, without the need for any prescription medication, surgery or even a visit to the dentist. Because it fixes the jaw in place, the action is repeatable, so an MAD is a permanent solution for anyone.

 stop snoring immediately and permanently mouth guard

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