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Smoking and Snoring

The Smoking and snoring

Connection between smoking and snoring A burning topic of today’s date is smoking and snoring, a fallout of a stressful lifestyle. If you are a smoker, I am sure you want to know the answers to the questions can smoking cause snoring or can smoking weed cause snoring. Well, let me tell you the answer. Snoring and smoking cigarettes are ... Read More »

    Snoring disease – sleep apnea, heart attack, liver, gum and kidney failure

    Snoring disease, a lifestyle affecting about 45% of  males and females of the world. Actually this is a illness which if not treated on time can lead to a number of other diseases. Most of us don’t take it seriously and are not sure whether it is a disease or not, but believe me, all a snorer needs is empathy more ... Read More »

      Causes of snoring and 5 Amazingly Simple ways to Stop Snoring

      Causes of snoring at night and how to stop snoring naturally tonight

      Stop snoring at night In the past, snoring used to be a mere issue for your significant other. Nowadays, it is a very discussed health issue. People who snore often experience wakefulness, daytime tiredness and stress. Since you are reading this article, I assume you want to know what to do to stop yourself from snoring. Luckily, here you will ... Read More »

        My own snoring wakes me up – Can you hear yourself snore ?

        My own snoring wakes me up - Can you hear yourself snore

        Own snoring wakes me up My own snoring wakes me up!!? How is that even happening? Some people think that it’s not physically possible to hear yourself snore. However, it is possible. Waking yourself up from snoring or catching yourself snoring is not uncommon. Snoring is one of the most common issues faced by people all over the world. In ... Read More »

          Why is my snoring getting worse and louder with age? Snoring worse in winter

          Why is my snoring getting worse ?

          Reasons snoring getting worse Is your snoring getting worse day by day, especially with age or winter? Snoring can start at any age, there is no specific age for it to commence. However, it is a point to remember that it is abnormal and is caused by an obstruction in the breathing passage. Snoring is caused by narrowing of the ... Read More »