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Alcohol and Snoring

Alcohol and Snoring

Snoring is often treated as a menace rather than being treated as a serious problem which needs attention. The partners of snorers are often irritated due to lack of sleep rather than showing empathy. More often than not, people mock snorers rather than understanding that they feel a discomfort when they snore, even they don’t get enough sleep. Several types ... Read More »

    Throat Snoring

    snoring on throat

    Are you a snorer and does gulping hurt? If you have been feeling a persistent or constant discomfort in your throat, we bet, you suffer from a condition called Throat Snoring. In our previous blogs, we have covered a number of topics related to snoring. Today, in this blog, we will cover another very important topic – throat snoring and ... Read More »

      Can You Die From Snoring?

      Can Snoring cause death

      Snoring is affecting a large chunk of today’s world. If you are a snorer, you are not alone. There are millions out there who suffer from the problem and there are millions of partners who suffer due to the unpleasant noise. Before explaining to you the dangers of snoring, which includes even death, let me first tell you, in brief, ... Read More »