My Boyfriend’s Snoring Keeps me Awake. What Can I do to stop my boyfriend from snoring

My Boyfriend's Snoring Keeps me Awake What Can I do

My boyfriend’s snoring is ruining our relationship

Sharing a bed with a ‘snorer’ can be very frustrating. This is especially so when it’s your boyfriend. On the one hand, you are probably experiencing fatigue from being woken up in the middle of the night by the hoarse sounds he’s making.

On the other hand, you are probably afraid of offending or upsetting your boyfriend with criticism about their condition. Many women in this situations say things like: ‘He drives me crazy’ or ‘ my boyfriend’s snoring is getting worse.’

The good news, though, is with a solid understanding of snoring and its causes could save your relationship. Here is a deeper look.

Why Does My Boyfriend Snore So Loud?

Snoring results from a partial blockage of one’s airway. During breathing these obstacles force some of the air, we breathe back into the mouth. This forced air has the effect of negative pressure in the mouth.  Negative pressure then causes the soft palate to vibrate and make the hoarse sound that signifies this sleeping disorder.

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What, then, could be causing his snoring?

Has he put on some weight lately?
Being overweight or obese has been scientifically proven to be a factor in one’s sleeping disorders. When fatty tissue is deposited around the neck region, it narrows one’s airway and partially restricts the passage of air causing one to snore.

Does he smoke?
Smoke from cigarettes may inflame the walls lining your airway. This inflammation narrows your airway, restricts the passage of air and results in snoring.

Does he drink often?
Alcohol causes the muscles in your throat to relax. When the muscles lining your throat relax too much, they act as an obstacle to passing air and cause one to snore.

Is he on medication?
Some types of drugs, like sleeping pills, have a similar effect to alcohol; they cause the muscles lining the throat to relax too much and cause obstruction.

Does he sleep on his back?
Sleeping on one’s back subjects the uvula and the tongue to the forces of gravity; as a result, the tongue and uvula may fall into the back of the mouth and act as obstacles to passing air.

Does he have a cold?
Any blockage in the nasal passage will cause some resistance to passing air. A common symptom of a cold is the production of excess mucus. The buildup of mucus in the nasal passages will result in the restriction of air and subsequent snoring.

Does he look a little fatigued?
When feeling exhausted, the muscles in the body relax to ease off the accumulated tension. Sometimes these muscles relax too much and cause constriction of passing air and results in the production of an unpleasant sound.

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How to stop my boyfriend from snoring

Many, having understood this condition, say things like: ‘my boyfriend snores, and I can’t sleep’ or ‘stop my boyfriend snoring.’ They’ll be happy to know that this sleeping disorder can be rectified.Your ‘BF’ won’t have to keep you up any longer.

Change your sleeping position
This will prevent your tongue and uvula from falling into the back of your throat.

Stop smoking
Not only will this improve the condition of your lungs but it will reverse reduce the inflammation in your throat and ease breathing at night.

Cut back on drinking and some types of medication
Suggest that he controls the amount of alcohol he drinks before bed or asks him to refrain from using medication that makes him snore.

Lose weight
Weight loss around the neck will result in easier breathing and less restriction in one’s airway. This can be achieved through a strict exercise regimen and proper diet.
Some of these solutions may take months to take effect. For a solution that acts immediately and permanently solves your condition, we recommend the stop snoring device as seen on tv. Click on the highlighted text for more information on how to get these.

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