Causes of snoring and 5 Amazingly Simple ways to Stop Snoring

Causes of snoring at night and how to stop snoring naturally tonight

Stop snoring at night

In the past, snoring used to be a mere issue for your significant other. Nowadays, it is a very discussed health issue. People who snore often experience wakefulness, daytime tiredness and stress.

Since you are reading this article, I assume you want to know what to do to stop yourself from snoring. Luckily, here you will find a lot of effective remedies and natural treatments that will make you stop snoring immediately. Read further.

There are studies that show this can cause drowsiness and that the intensity is inversely proportional to the quality of sleep. The higher the amount of sound produced, the less dormant.

It’s a lifestyle disease affecting a lot of us. In fact, 40% of the world population are affected by it as we speak. Recently it has been shown that people who snore may suffer from upper airways resistance syndrome. The inspired airflow meets a resistance to passage through the upper airways, obstructive sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder in which the person can stop breathing during rest.

It is possible that people who snore are not aware of this and although it might seem that you are in trouble due to your partner’s habit. In reality, it’s the snorer who is much more affected by it.

While mostly don’t take it too seriously, this bad habit can lead to various medical conditions and can have many side effects or even become the center of ridicule.

What causes snoring – Why do I snore

Stopping snoring isn’t easily. To fix your problem, first we must find out the reason you snore.

  • When the air is unable to move freely from the nose to the rest of the body through the air passage, this causes the appearance of a soft sound, velvety, tall or harsh. The tissues surrounding the throats vibrate causing a person to snore.
  • People with nasal congestion or the ones who have an obstruction in their nasal passage are prone to snort. This obstruction can be caused due to any reason – sinus infection, deviated septum or nasal polyps.
  • People with excess weight or folks who are getting old are also prone to this condition. Bulky throat tissue is also a major cause. In most cases, people are not aware of this. So they struggle to find the answer to simple questions like why do I snore every night or why do I snore so loud at night.
  • It can be the cause for various reasons. It can even be caused due to poor muscle tone of the throat or tongue because of which the tongue gets too relaxed and falls back on the nasal passageway while sleeping.
  • If you pad down with your partner, he can tell you how severe it is, if you’re fainting or breathing with difficulty – for it may indicate a more serious issue that could be the basis for breathing obstructive apnea.
  • Men with a neck circumference of more than 17 inches and women with a neck circumference of more than 16 inches are susceptible to it. Children with large nostrils or adenoids often snort as well.
  • A long uvula or a long soft palate can also be a reason. If the area collapses sufficiently, the airways narrow or obstruct (block).
  • To begin with, it is to be remembered, the fact that a person snores means that he or she is not being able to breathe properly. Just imagine how would you feel if you are not able to breathe for a few seconds. Now imagine how snorers feels, although, since they are asleep, they seldom understand the feeling.
  • Since there are regular breathing intervals, snorers, often wake up from sleep or wake up with headaches and feel drowsy throughout the day. Since snorers wake up so many times while sleeping, they have a light sleep. They often wake up with headache and feel drowsy throughout the day.
  • Sleep experts say the difference between a light and heavy sleeper may be largely subjective, however, if the quality of rest goes down, in turn, it affects everyday life aspects – from work to education to family life.

 How to reduce snoring

how to reduce snoring at night

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So what are the various ways, remedies to reduce or stop snoring? In this article I have covered the best 5 well-tried solutions:

1.Change in the sleeping position.

At night, it can be caused due to sleeping on one’s back. This is because while lying on the backside, the tongue may fall behind against the back of the throat blocking the air passage.

Sleeping sideways can control it almost immediately. You can use pillows to stop the snorer from rolling back.

In fact, there are a lot of proven ways to prevent the snorer from rolling back including seeing a tennis ball into the snorer’s pajamas so that when the person rolls back, would feel uncomfortable and goes back to a sideways position.

2.Avoid alcohol and smoking and NO caffeine before going to bed (this one should be a no-brainer).

Wondering how to avoid snoring at night? Avoid alcohol before bed. Consumption of alcohol relaxes the body muscles, making soft the tissues around the throat and nose.

When the tongue becomes relaxed, it is more susceptible to falling back on the throat causing a person to snore. Smoking, on the other hand, blocks the nasal passage. Cigarette smoke irritates your nose and throat, causing swelling.

3.Maintain sleep hygiene.

Maintaining a good comfort hygiene goes a long way in ensuring quality rest. So what causes you to snuffle at night? Irregular sleep schedules are one of the main reasons.

Working very long hours or stressed out from work can be one of the causes. Due to extreme stress, the body literally crashes when you hit the bed. To avoid this, try to go to bed around the same time every day and get at least 7 hours of rest every day.

Although naps are a good way of rejuvenating yourself, don’t take frequent naps. Rather than that, wait until the end of the day to get a good night’s rest. This will improve your landing.

4.Use the bed for what it is meant to be used and not for anything else.

Avoid watching TV, surfing your laptop or mobile just before going to bed. When the light reaches the eye and sends signals to the brain through the visual cortex, it’s breaking our relaxation time.

Avoid heavy cardio workout at least 3 hours before going to bed. Rather than that, opt for light stretching exercises and evening walks. That will help in digestion too.

5.Create an environment conducive to sleeping

Studies have shown the circadian rhythms of the body are affected by light and darkness. The darker the room, the better the chance of a good night’s rest. Make sure you sleep in a sufficiently dark environment. Moreover, set the temperature of the room to somewhat comfortable to ensure your body does not feel any discomfort.

how to stop snoring at night

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How to stop snoring naturally tonight

Have a whack at the matter with instruments that prevent snoring: While the above methods might help, they are not sure proof. In that case, the best thing is to take the help of an effective external device to help open the nasal passage and stop snoring.

There are numerous products available that can help you. While looking for best anti snoring products to use, opt for a device which is compact and easy to use.

A mouthpiece can only help to control this habit, it will also help your partner in getting a good night’s rest. And above all, using a mouthpiece like Airsnore is extremely good for the body, maintaining easy passage of oxygen, preventing permanent blasts.

Although in most cases we ridicule the snorer, they basically need compassion above everything else. A little change in lifestyle and a bit of help from an external device can work like a miracle.

Don’t let snoring change your relationship status – calm and soft one moment, screamingly frustrated the next. If this sounds familiar to you, I strongly suggest using the above methods or have the benefits of external devices.

snoring at night and airsnore review

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