What Causes Sudden Onset of Snoring ? Sudden onset loud snoring

What Causes Sudden Onset of Snoring

Sudden onset of snoring

Snoring refers to the noise one makes when their airway has been partially blocked. A partially blocked airway restricts some air from getting to the lungs. In so doing, the restricted air is forced back into the mouth causing a negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate.

The vibration of the soft palate emits the loud noise we refer to as a snore. Partial blockages can be caused by various factors that then lead to sudden onset snoring.

Sudden onset snoring causes

Obesity refers to the accumulation of too much body fat. When the fatty tissue is concentrated around the neck region, it may lead to the narrowing of a person’s airway. This narrowing has the effect of constricting air passing and results in a course sound.

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As women progress through the later stages of their pregnancies, they tend to gain more weight. When this weight gain occurs in the neck region, it narrows their airways partially constricting air and causing the sudden onset of snoring. Read more

Alcohol has a relaxing muscle effect on muscles. Consumption of alcohol relaxes the muscles lining the walls of airway passages. This relaxation may lead to airway passages becoming narrower and consequently partially blocked.

Smoke causes inflammation of the walls of your throat walls. This swelling constricts the passage of air causing a rough sound. Habitual smoking can cause severe inflammatory damage on one’s throat.

Long soft palate
A low-lying and thick, soft palate acts as an obstacle for air passing through your throat. This obstruction results in heavy snoring.

Long uvula
The uvula is the long extension of the soft palate at the end of one’s throat. A long uvula may act as an obstacle to the passage of air down the throat and cause snoring.

Stuffed or blocked nasal passages
Mucus and other substances in the nasal act as partial barriers to passing air and force it back into the mouth causing vibration of the soft palate and consequent snoring.

Sleeping on your back
The effect of gravity on your tongue is greatest when you sleep on your back. Gravity may pull your tongue to the back of your throat causing partial restriction of passing air and results in snoring.

Some types of medication
Some medication has an effect similar to that of alcohol; it causes the muscles lining the throat to relax and consequently obstruct airways.

It is worth stating that snoring may be a symptom of an even bigger problem; sleep apnea.

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Some common effects of sudden onset snoring :

Sleep deprivation
The coarse sound may result in sleep interruptions. The build-up of sleep debt may have disastrous effects on one’s state of mind and general well-being.

Interruptions in sleeping patterns mean that your body never fully recover the strength lost during the day. Fatigue could manifest itself in the form of poorer cognitive abilities, a lack of concentration and inability to perform tasks that one could do easily in the past.

Strained relationships
The growling sound affects relationships directly by disturbing spouses sleeping next to us. The noise produced during a snore makes it impossible for them to sleep peacefully.

Indirectly, sleep deprivation caused by snoring reduces the effectiveness of the part of the brain responsible for controlling our feelings. Couples may have more aggressive arguments and be less willing to cooperate than they would if this sleeping disorder were not in the picture.

The irregular pressure caused by a snore may sometimes cause stomach contents to be forced back into the esophagus.

Some simple methods to correct the problem may include: losing weight, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, changing your sleeping position and surgery. These, though, won’t fix your problem immediately. Click on the highlighted text for the most effective stop snoring products.

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