Correlation Between Obesity And Snoring – Obese Snoring

Correlation Between Obesity And Snoring

The Link Between Obesity and Snoring

Obesity refers to the unhealthy accumulation of too much body fat. Obesity should not be confused with being overweight which refers to weighing much more than you should; it could be as a result of bone matter, muscle or fat.

Chubbiness can further be classified into various classes based on one’s body mass index. Anyone with a body mass index greater than or equal to 40 is said to be morbidly obese. Some of the causes of this “fat disease” include:

Obesity and snoring

Consuming too many calories
Accumulation of body fat is the result of consuming more calories than our bodies can burn in a single day. Depending on body types and the level of one’s activity in a day, eating too many calories in a day could gradually lead to the accumulation of fat tissue and consequently obesity.

Sedentary lifestyle choices
Calories burn through activity. Inactivity as a lifestyle choice as a life choice may result in one consuming more calories than they burn in a day; this, in turn, causes the gradual accumulation of fat that leads to obesity.

Sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation impairs metabolism and disrupts hormone levels in the body; this affects the rate at which the body can burn calories.

Endocrine disruptors
Chemicals that affect hormones play a significant role in the development of obesity. They disrupt bodily functions in a similar fashion to that of sleep deprivation. Endocrine disruptors can significantly affect one’s personal efforts to control calorie intake


Genes do not directly cause obesity. Several genes, though,  affect hunger and food intake. By affecting one’s appetite, they increase the ability to consume more calories thus increasing one’s risk of becoming obese.

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Some of the side effects of obesity might include: obesity snoring, high mortality, diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, hypertension e.t.c.

Snoring, on the other hand, refers to the harsh sound made when one’s breathing airway is partially blocked.

Does Obesity Cause Snoring?

As stated earlier, you will snore because a result of partial blockage of one’s airway. Chubbiness is characterized by the accumulation of fat tissue in the body. When the accumulation of fat occurs around one’s throat, it obstructs the airway and leads to obesity snoring.

The partial blockage is further aggravated by the fact that the snore causes sleep interruptions at night. Sleep debts and sleep deprivation further accelerate fat accumulation which increases obese snoring with detrimental effects. Some of the effects of obese snoring include:

Scientific evidence suggests that breathing interruptions caused during snoring can lead to severe cardiovascular problems such as having a stroke. And it may result in the accumulation of deposits in the Carotid arteries that once blocked may cause a stroke.

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Fetal issues
Pregnant mothers provide oxygen not just for themselves but also for their unborn children. Interruptions in breathing affect both mother and child. Unsteady oxygen supply to the fetus may lead to problems in the development of the child.

Sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation caused by snoring affects the body’s metabolic functions and may sometimes result in mental problems such as depression. The more typical result is the feeling of fatigue that affects people’s ability to go about their daily activities at work or home.

Strained relationships

Snoring in the bedroom affects our partners too. They have difficulty staying asleep because of the noise one makes. The snore problem sometimes leads to people opting out of sleeping in the same room or leaving each other entirely.

The fatigue resulting from sleep interruption affects people’s sex life too. Couples with this problem have been found to have less sex than those who don’t face this.

An obvious solution to fix this issue permanently would be to deal directly with obesity and lose weight. Losing weight, unfortunately, is a long-term process. To immediately repair the problem, a mouthpiece will come in handy. “ What is the best stop snoring mouthpiece ?” you ask. Click on the highlighted text to find out.

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