My Husband’s Snoring is Ruining Our Marriage

my husband's snoring is ruining our marriage snoring is ruining my marriage

Divorce due to snoring

You haven’t slept well since your husband started to snore. Your husband seems more irritable and argumentative than he used to be. Fatigue is slowing your work, and you always feel angry. Sex as frequent as it used to be, there’s probably none happening. You aren’t sure why. Could snoring be the cause of all of this?

Snoring is Ruining My Marriage

Yes, a partner who snores can be the cause of your marital problems. Snoring is often underestimated when looking at what went wrong with marriage. Here is a list of some the trouble resulting from a partner who snores.

Sleep Deprivation
Not only does your husband’s croaking keep you up at night, but it also interrupts his sleep too. Over time this interruption accumulates a sleep debt that leaves both of you feeling fatigued during the day. This fatigue may lead to poor performance at work.

Sleep deprivation renders the parts of ours brains responsible for calm and reason ineffective. Sleep deprivation may lead to more arguments and bitterness.

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Your husband knows he isn’t making that racket on purpose and doesn’t know what to do when you complain. You also feel helpless when he snores because you can’t blame him and aren’t sure what to do either. It’s only normal for both of you to feel frustrated at the situation.

Fatigue and sleep deprivation have been known to cause depression. The frequent arguments and moodiness may lead to one feeling unloved and depressed.

Lack of Intimacy
In a desperate attempt to try and solve the problem, couples have been known to sleep separately. Sleeping in separate rooms reduces the opportunity for pillow talk and sex between partners. Sleeping apart may make you both feel distant and uncomfortable with each other.

Can I Divorce My Husband For Snoring?

How many couples divorce due to snoring ?” you ask. Sleep disorder divorce statistics show that snoring is the third leading cause of divorce after infidelity and financial troubles. Should be treated more seriously than people let on. Knowledge of the effects of this sleep disorder should make partners more understanding of each other.

Divorce rates by snores are already too high. Couples should try to understand the problem more and try to fix it before marriage breakdown. Here are some of the causes of this condition.

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Alcohol and Some Types of Medication
Alcohol and some types of medication have a relaxing effect on muscles in the throat. When the throat muscles relax too much, they cause partial blockage of one’s airway that forces air back into the mouth. The air pushed back into the mouth causes negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate tissue that makes the rattling noise.

We gain weight as we age. This is because of the decrease in the level of activity in our days. This means that we consume more calories than we can burn in a day causing weight gain. When fatty tissues accumulate around the throat, they narrow your airway and constrict the passage of air and cause a hoarse sound.

Smoking and Allergies
Tobacco use and allergies may lead to the inflammation of nasal passages and throat walls. This inflammation may partially block air and cause a gravelly sound.

Deformed Nasal Structures.
A dislocated nasal septum may block air in the nasal passages and lead to snoring.

Divorce because of snoring

rounds can be avoided through weight loss programs and exercise, quitting smoking, surgery and reducing alcohol intake. Some products can also help fix your sleep disorder immediately and permanently such as anti-snore mouth guards. Click on the highlighted text for of the most effective stop snoring products.

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