Can You Die From Snoring?

Can Snoring cause death

Snoring is affecting a large chunk of today’s world. If you are a snorer, you are not alone. There are millions out there who suffer from the problem and there are millions of partners who suffer due to the unpleasant noise.

Before explaining to you the dangers of snoring, which includes even death, let me first tell you, in brief, why do you snore. First and foremost, no one does so because they enjoy it. It is a clear sign of discomfort. People snore when the flow of air into the nose is blocked as a result of which the tissues at the back of the throat vibrate. While someone breathes, the noise emanates and come out either by the nose or the mouth.

Statistically, about half the population of the world snore at some point in their life. It is more common in men than women. It also depends on heredity and becomes more common as one gets older. Around 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women snore. Most men after the age of 70 tend to snore.

Now let me tell you the dangers of snoring. The biggest danger is death. A lot of people ask me can you die from snoring? Well, my answer is yes, although it is the ultimate effect. Basically, as a result of snoring, the entry of oxygen into the body gets obstructed as a result of which the internal organs gasp for oxygen. Sometimes, the throat becomes completely blocked resulting in death. Can snoring cause death? Yes. Under extreme circumstances, it can. The snoring death rate is increasing day by day. Loud snoring before death has become a common problem of these days.

Apart from death, it can lead to heart diseases and stroke, if not attended to at the right time. People who have been suffering from the problem for a long time can develop an irregular heart rhythm commonly known as arrhythmia. People who snore are more likely to develop atrial fibrillation. Another common danger is gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. It happens due to the way the throat opens and closes during sleep. It is also a natural fall out of obesity. On a milder side, the other dangers of snoring include daytime sleepiness, forgetfulness, and even mental health issues.

So if you are wondering is snoring bad for my health, I hope you found your answer. It is definitely not healthy for you and it increases the chances of other diseases manifold.

Now that I have given you a brief of what the problem is and what it can lead to, let me also give you a brief of how to solve the problem. While you can take the help of several anti-snoring machines, but I would suggest to use it only as an extreme method. Try natural remedies before starting medication or using devices.

Let me tell you how to stop snoring while sleeping naturally. There are several essential which can provide a cure to the problem naturally. These oils for snoring work wonders for your body and can help you have a comfortable sleep. Below are some of these oils and their effect on you.


Peppermint oil has a refreshing smell which can help in clearing unclogging the sinus passage. It thus helps to breathe and relax the muscle. Use it in a diffuser which will give relief.


The smell of lavender is not just soothing, it’s a proven cure for insomnia. It also has anti-bacterial properties which can cure breathing problems and also loosens mucus and gives relief to sinus.


The benefits of eucalyptus oil in clearing nasal congestion is well known. In fact, eucalyptus oil is used widely in products to provide relief from a common cough and cold. If you are a snorer, put a few drops of the eucalyptus oil in the vaporizer and inhale the steam. The steam will immediately open the nose and clear the air passageway to the body.


Thyme oil is also a widely used product to provide relief. People rub thyme oil below the feet, especially under the big toe, before going to bed. It is always mixed in a ratio of 50:50 with a carrier oil while using topically. Coconut oil is one of the best topical oils for this purpose.

Essential oils, however, provide relief for mild snoring problems. The relief may not be long lasting as well. However, if these don’t work, there is a great product available on the market called Air Snore. This products is one of the most popular anti snoring mouthpiece that has been providing relief to people across the world. I have a separate blog covering the details of some snoring products, how it works, where to buy it, etc. I do recommend you to read the same.

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