Causes and reasons why a lot of females and males are snoring

What causes snoring in females and males and reasons


The biggest question most people need to be asking is, what causes snoring?

First of all, snoring is one of the common symptoms of a dangerous sleeping disorder which is known as obstructive sleeping apnea.

Secondly, it is known that 45-60% of adults snore regularly, and 25% of most of these adults are chronic snorers. And this means a great number of couples are sleeping in separate bedrooms, or better off wearing earplugs for snoring.

Thirdly, chronic snoring does not only disturb the partner’s sleep but also continuously disturb the sleep of the snorer. But the most amazing thing is that the snorer does not remember ever awakening through the night. But this little or no sleep will cause daytime sleepiness.

And lastly, an estimated 70% of people who are referred to clinics snore. I think it would be a great idea to send my dog Jacky to a clinic because he snores like a drunkard.

What causes snoring – Why have I suddenly started snoring ?

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Snoring is caused by different things. But the loud sounds from snoring come from vibrations from soft tissues which are directly behind the throat.

These tissues are made up of the following soft palate, uvula, and tonsils. Snoring is mainly caused by vibration of the soft palate and the uvula.

Snoring happens when the upper airway behind the mouth restricted. It happens when we lie down, then the muscles at the back of the throat which includes the tongue start to loosen up.

When the muscles relax, the tongue losing’s up behind the throat, which causes air restriction, then snoring vibration starts as the person breathes in and out.

Snoring is worst for people who sleep on their backs, so it is way better to sleep on your stomach or your sides, but most preferably on your side.

Some factors that restrict airflow and cause snoring

Dreaming which is the REM of sleep. During deep sleep, muscles go slack which causes a narrow passage through the throat tissues.

Narcotics this sleep medications or allergy medicine alongside antihistamine. Allergy medicine with an antihistamine, or sleep medications.

Alcohol: Having a little too much to drink just before bedtime makes the throat muscles to relax. So the best thing to do to avoid snoring would be to stop drinking.

The shape of the mouth: A lot of people have big uvula and thick palate which may prevent the flow of air.

Enlarged tonsils: this can also cause snoring in lots of people

Obstruction of the nose: There some conditions which can cause swellings in the nose and the tissues of the throat which may enhance snoring such as allergy, cigarette smoke, cold, sinus infection.

Being overweight: having a big neck and bulky throat tissues are results of been overweight. And this can lead to narrowing down of the airways which affect breathing.

Deviated nasal septum: Having a deformed nose wall which separates the nostrils cause snoring in most people

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