Why Have I Recently Started Snoring Loudly? Started Snoring Recently

Why Have I Recently Started Snoring Loudly? Started Snoring Recently stop snoring immediately

Recently Started Snoring

Snoring refers to the irritating sound made when our airways are partially blocked. The blockage forces passing air back into the mouth and vibrates the soft palate to make the rattling sound. It can be quite upsetting to discover that you recently started snoring. So, then, what causes snoring?

As the most common culprit for a recent snoring problem, it is often overlooked as it happens gradually. When excess fatty tissue accumulates around the throat, it narrows your airways and restricts passage of some air.

The restricted air is forced back into the mouth and causes negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate and causes one to snore.

Obstructed nasal passages
This could be a simple as the common cold or the more severe deviated septum. These restrict the air going to the lungs through the nasal passage and causes one to snore.

Also, when breathing through the nose becomes too difficult, one is forced to breathe through the mouth. Mouth breathing causes louder snoring than of the nasal passage because of the larger volume of air being forced down one’s airways.

Started snoring recently

Alcohol and some types of medication
Alcohol causes the muscles lining the throat to relax. Some types of medication such as sleeping pills cause a similar effect. When these muscles relax too much, they partially constrict the passage of air and cause one to snore.

In addition to this, the friction between the muscle walls may sometimes cause vibration of these muscles. This vibration results in a hoarse sound that denotes snoring.

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Snoring during pregnancy, the body goes through various changes that may lead to snoring. Gaining weight is the most noticeable of them all. When the weight accumulates around the neck region, it narrows air passages and constricts air.

Another noticeable change is the increase in the size of blood vessels in the nose due to increased blood flow. This also narrows the airways and causes this sleeping disorder.

As we age, we tend to gain more weight. Weight gain is the result of consuming more calories than our bodies can burn. Our physical activity decreases with age while our ability to burn calories diminishes.

When this weight accumulates around the neck, it constricts air and causes one to snore. The muscle tone in our throat fades as we age. This causes further narrowing of the airway.

Sleep deprivation
When our bodies are fatigued, they tend to relax in our sleep to recover. In this state, the muscles constrict the passage of air and cause one to snore.

I Recently Started Snoring. How Do I Stop?

Not to worry. There are multiple solutions to this pesky problem.

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Lose weight
Loss of weight in the neck region will reverse the constricting effect of fatty tissue and enable smoother breathing in your sleep.

Change pillows
Allergens sometimes accumulate in pillows and beddings. Avoid allergic reactions by replacing your pillows often. Swelling from allergies blocks one’s airway causes this sleeping disorder.

Avoid alcohol and some types of medication
Sleeping pills and alcohol cause your throat muscles to relax in such a way that restricts passing air. Reduction or abstinence will reduce the chances of this happening.

Change your sleeping position
This prevents your tongue and uvula from dropping into the back of your throat and obstructing air flow.

If your snoring is being caused by a lengthy soft palate or uvula, there are medical procedures to reduce their length. This makes for smoother breathing and reduces the chances of snoring.

Alternatives to these, expensive and time-consuming solutions would be snoring drops that offer to immediately and permanently rid of your sleeping disorder.

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