Sleeping in separate beds due to snoring

Sleeping in separate beds due to snoring

My husband and I sleep in separate rooms because he snores

You are lying awake in bed at 3:00 a.m. and can’t help but feel enraged at the rattling noise your husband is making. You know deep down that he isn’t doing it on purpose, but you are tired and need to get some sleep before that presentation in the morning.

You’ll be surprised to know that snoring is, in fact, a real and often ignored problem in relationships and could potentially lead to a lot of trouble.

Here are some of the effects of snoring on relationships:

  • Sleep deprivation. Not only does snoring affect the ‘snorer,’ it keeps their partners awake too. Interrupted sleep may lead to overall fatigue as they go about their daily activities.Fatigue could affect their performance at work which could be detrimental in the long-run.
  • Irritability. Inadequate sleep has been scientifically proven to cause irritability. The parts of our brains that keep us calm and reasonable become less efficient without out enough sleep. Spouses may find themselves getting into more arguments than they used to before snoring.
  • Frustration. Their days may start to feel longer and more unbearable. It feels even worse when we don’t know where it originates. We are aware of the fact that our spouses aren’t snoring on purpose and that leaves us feeling a bit helpless; we don’t have anyone to blame for what is happening.
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  • Depression. Depression has been scientifically linked to fatigue and inadequate sleep. The frequent arguments and snarky remarks from our spouses may further aggravate this feeling.
  • Lack of intimacy. Some spouses may resort to sleeping earlier than the ‘snorer’ so as to get some rest earlier on. Different bedtimes may rob relationships of the opportunity to decompress through some light pillow talk and flirtation. All the above feelings may also take a toll on their sex life. Some couples admit that they stopped trying to have sex after snoring complicated their relationships.

Snoring And Sleeping Separately

In a desperate attempt to avoid the above problems, a husband or wife may suggest that they sleep in separate rooms as a temporary solution. At first, it may feel good. You’ll both get more sleep; you’ll have fewer arguments than a while back, you almost feel happier and less irritable. Eventually, sleeping in different bedrooms will lead to a different set of problems:

Resentment. The spouse being kicked out of the room will feel exiled. It’s hard for them not to feel like they are being punished for something. Seeing as the snoring condition isn’t intentional, they may develop some feelings of resentment towards their spouses.

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Anger. If a husband or wife volunteers to leave the room, the may end up feeling a bit put out. Subconsciously, they feel that they shouldn’t have to leave their room and comfortable bed but doing so would be the least damaging alternative to the relationship.

Feeling abandoned. The spouse with the snoring condition may end up subconsciously feeling abandoned. Their rooms could suddenly feel lonelier than they used to be. Their nights may feel a bit colder

A Lack of Intimacy. The physical distance between spouses at night can reduce the feeling of ‘oneness’ that having a warm body lay beside you generates. Spouses may start acting a bit distant. The absence of pillow talk is notable too.

Pillow talk an opportunity for couples to share their day’s events, discuss their feelings, share their ideas and debate their life plans. The release achieved through pillow talk won’t happen when sleeping apart. Most importantly, sex(a vital part of all relationships) becomes less frequent.

Clearly, snoring is dangerous to relationships and sleeping apart may cause more harm than good. Lucky for you a mouth guard could fix your problem permanently.

By adjusting the angle of your jaw as you sleep this device clears your airway and consequently stops you from snoring. What is the best anti snoring mouth guard? Click on the highlighted text for the answer.

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