Why is my snoring getting worse and louder with age? Snoring worse in winter

Why is my snoring getting worse and louder with age? Snoring worse in winter

Reasons snoring getting worse

Is your snoring getting worse day by day, especially with age or winter? Snoring can start at any age, there is no specific age for it to commence. However, it is a point to remember that it is abnormal and is caused by an obstruction in the breathing passage.

Snoring is caused by narrowing of the throat. When a person sleeps, the throat muscles and tissues relax and fall back into the throat, blocking the air passageway to the body.

However, it is not a breathing disorder. It is rather a throat problem. The loudest sound is caused by the turbulence in the throat due to narrower space in the throat.

Snoring gets worse with age and weight gain

As we get older, we put on weight. The metabolism rate goes down, leading to weight gain. The pattern of weight gain when we are young and when we get old changes.

As we get older, more fat gets deposited around the neck leading to a narrowing of the throat. In the case of women, menopause and hormonal changes can also cause weight gain which is also a major cause.

how to stop my snoring getting worse

Products to help you stop snoring

Hence, if you think your discomfort is getting worse day by day, I definitely suggest you get tested for sleep apnea and find out the reasons for snoring getting worse. Sleep tests are not uncommon anymore.

They are becoming more and more advanced and routine and are usually even covered by insurance. There are portable sleep testing machines as well through which the test can happen at home, saving you the hassle of going to a sleep clinic.

This can have long lasting effects. It can lead to heart diseases because the heart of a snorer works twice as much as a normal person. Moreover, when a person snores, lesser oxygen enters the body than a normal person. Hence, this affects metabolism leading to gastrointestinal diseases.

Snorers who suffer from kidney ailments are considered to be at higher risk than people who don’t.

From gum diseases to thyroid problems, it can actually lead to a lot of complications. Finally, in the case of snorers, the walls of the main arteries which supply blood to the brain are thicker. This increases the chance of stroke.

My snoring is getting louder

Snoring is not a matter to ignore especially if you think your snoring is getting worse and louder day by day.

As per doctors, most snorers get a treatment because of an irritated spouse. However, it can be the signal to a number of other diseases and if not treated on time, can lead to things much worse. It can lead to sleep apnea, a disease which causes stoppage of breathing while sleeping.

how to stop my snoring getting worse

What products work to stop snoring

So, how do you understand the difference between simple snoring and sleep apnea? Not everybody who snores suffers from sleep apnea.

However, if you wake up not refreshed, feel tired all day and think that your memory is getting affected, chances are that you have sleep apnea. Moreover, if you visit the bathroom a lot at night, it can also be sleep apnea.

If it is getting worse with time, I suggest you take the help of devices to control snoring. Technological advancement has ensured that you can now use a small machine and with that, you can control snoring to a great extent or at least prevent it from getting worse.

These devices are portable, small and easy to use. They are also not very costly too. All you need to do is fix one on your nose and get relief immediately. In fact, using an anti-snoring device can solve the issue permanently.

So how does an anti-snoring machine work? They simply open the nasal passage and make it easier to breathe. Anti snoring devices can be in any form – sprays, nasal strips, nasal humidifiers, positional devices etc. Out of all these, the positional devices work the best.

So if you are thinking where I can buy a snoring mouthpiece, look no further. In this website, we have the most advanced anti-snoring mouthpiece which can help you get relief immediately. Our anti-snoring device is one of the most popular available in the market currently.

How to stop my snoring getting worse with Airsnore

What products help stop snoring

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