Snoring and neck fat – Can fat around the neck cause snoring?

Snoring and neck fat - Can fat around the neck cause snoring

Does neck fat cause snoring

Yes, neck fat causes snoring. Snoring is caused by partial obstructions to the passage of air through the nose or throat.

Obstacles force some of the air we breath in back into our mouths. The forced air causes a negative pressure in the mouth and vibrates the soft palate leading to a harsh sound.

Some other factors besides neck fat leading to snoring include:

Alcohol And Some Types Of Medication
Alcohol and some types of medication, such as sleeping pills, cause muscles and the walls lining the throat to relax. When they relax too much, they may cause obstruction to passing air.

Pregnancy causes this sleep disorder in three ways. First is through fatigue. Needing to pee often and general discomfort at night may lead to interrupted sleep and general fatigue.

In the state of fatigue, muscles in our throats tend to relax too much in our sleep. This relaxation leads to obstruction of passing air. Secondly, to maintain the pregnancy, mother’s bodies will experience an increase in blood flow.

The increase in blood flow swells up the blood vessels in the nasal passage and obstructs passing air. Finally, excess weight gain in the final stages of pregnancy could lead to snoring if it accumulates around the neck region.

Sleeping On Your Back
Your tongue and uvula are more exposed to the forces of gravity when you lie on your back. This may cause them to swing into the back of your throat and cause partial obstruction to passing air.

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Nasal Obstruction
Excess mucus from the common cold could be clogging up your nose. Air will experience some difficulty trying to get into your lungs. This may lead to a throaty sound. A deviated septum may produce a similar effect.

Allergens cause inflammation in your nasal passage and restrict the passage of air.

Smoke from tobacco causes inflammation of the walls of your throat. This swelling narrows your airway and result in this sleeping disorder.

The most common cause of snoring, though, is obesity and being overweight. As stated earlier, accumulation of neck fat makes it hard to breathe.

What Causes The Accumulation Of Fat Neck and Snoring?

Having established the relation between a thick neck and snoring it would be wise to understand what causes weight gain.

As we age, our muscles lose their tone. We become less active and consequently burn fewer calories than we could in our youth. If the number of calories we consume in a day remains the same, we likely gain weight.

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People deal with physical and psychological stress differently. Some tend to drink too much. Alcohol contains a lot of calories that could aggravate the problem. Some use ‘stress eating’ as a coping mechanism that eventually leads to severe weight gain.

Poor Diet
Different types of foods contain different nutrients and different amounts calories. Sugary drinks such as soft drinks, alcohol, fast foods and processed foods contain an alarmingly high number of calories. Incorporating these, into your diet could lead to significant weight gain.

Some genetic conditions such as the Prader- Willi syndrome may lead to some significant weight. The mostly affect your appetite and make you feel hungrier than the average person.

Medical Problems
Hyperthyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome are great examples of diseases that could lead to significant weight gain. They interfere with the metabolism of one’s body thus affecting its ability to burn calories efficiently.

Solutions to snoring caused by neck fat include:

Lose Weight
The most obvious of these is get more active. Physical exercise is a sure way to burn those calories and lose fat.

Eat Healthy
This will prevent further weight gain and improve your general well-being.

Consider Surgery
There are surgical procedures to remove obstructions from your airways and to get rid of fat. Remember that there are risks to be discussed in all surgeries. Many people aren’t comfortable with this option, but do what you feel suits you best.

Change Sleeping Position
As simple as it sounds, sleeping on your side prevents your tongue and uvula from swinging into the back of your throat and causing obstruction.

Quit Smoking And Drinking
This will impede the inflammation of the walls lining your throat and control the rate at which your muscles relax for easier breathing.

As most of this cures are long-term and painfully slow, you’d best consider natural anti snoring drops. They immediately and permanently correct your sleep disorder. The highlighted text will lead to further details on where best to get them.

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