Snoring and Weight – Is Snoring A Sign Of Being Overweight ?

Snoring and Weight - Is Snoring A Sign Of Being Overweight

Relationship between snoring and weight

Snoring is a sleeping disorder that manifests itself in the form of loud, harsh sounds produced in our sleep. It is usually the result partial blockage in our airways.

This hindrance forces some of the air going to the lungs to be forced back into the mouth. The air pushed back into the mouth causes negative pressure that vibrates the soft tissue in the mouth and causes a throaty sound.

Though commonly underestimated by many, this condition could be potentially damaging to your health as it interferes with the process of breathing. Being overweight, on the other hand, refers to weighing more than what is considered acceptable. Some of the causes of snoring include:

Snoring and weight loss

The strength and elasticity of the muscles in the airways become worse as we age. This may cause the narrowing of the walls of one’s airway. The narrowed walls act as a hindrance to some of the air we breathe and results in a snore.

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Smoking may lead to the inflammation of the walls lining one’s airway. Inflammation narrows the airways and results in this sleeping disorder.

Alcohol, especially consumed before bedtime, has the effect of relaxing muscles. When the throat muscles relax too much, they may partially block one’s airway and lead to a snore.

Some types of medication
Some types of medication such as sleeping pills have the same effect as alcohol. They cause the muscles in the throat to relax. When the muscles relax excessively, they may block air passage and result in this sleeping disorder

Sleeping positions
Sleeping on your exposes the tongue to the force of gravity. Gravitational pull may slide the tongue into the back of one’s throat and partially block one’s breathing. This will lead to snoring.

Excess fatigue will cause body muscles to relax during sleep. When the throat muscles relax excessively at night, the may act as a hinderance to passing air and result in one snoring.

In addition to these, a major (and more common) cause of this condition would be weight. Being overweight or obese may directly cause trouble in one’s breathing as they sleep. When the accumulation of excess fatty tissue occurs around the throat, it narrows one’s airway partially blocking the flow of air. This will cause one to snore.

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How To Stop Snoring If I Am Overweight

Change your sleeping position
Sleeping on your side will prevent your tongue and soft palate from drifting into the back of your throat and naturally clear your airway of obstacles.

Lose weight
Snoring and weight loss are related. Loss of weight will help reverse the narrowing of one’s airways enabling better flow of air as we sleep.

Get enough sleep
Remember fatigue is a leading cause for snoring. Get enough sleep to get rid of this problem.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
Refrain from this or keep them to a minimum so as to control this sleeping disorder

Change beddings and pillows frequently
Sometimes allergens accumulate in pillows causing allergic reactions when we least expect it. To prevent this from happening, change your pillows and beddings every so often.

Lose Weight To Stop Snoring

Putting on weight makes you snore. This is especially the case with women in their late stages of pregnancy and aged people. We gain weight when we burn fewer calories than we consume. Here are a few remedies to avoid weight gain increased snoring:

Cut back on sugary and starchy foods. The stimulate insulin which is a fat storage hormone. Replace these with more healthy protein diets

Exercise. Remember that weight gain is due to one not burning as many calories as they consume.This leads to snoring overweight. Exercise at the gym or at home will help you burn a lot of calories.

Seeing as most of the solutions to these issues are long-term, it is recommended for one to use an anti snoring device as seen on tv. It promises to permanently and immediately correct your condition. Click on the highlighted text for more information on where to get one.

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