Why Have I Started Snoring Lately ? Started Snoring Out of Nowhere

Why Have I Started Snoring Lately Started Snoring Out of Nowhere

Started snoring lately out of nowhere

It is quite puzzling to discover that you started snoring in your sleep. Questions such as, ‘ why am I snoring so much lately ?’, will rob you of your peace. A good place to start is to understand what causes snoring during sleep.

Snoring comes about when your airways are partially blocked. This hindrance forces some back into your mouth.

The negative pressure created by forced air vibrates the soft palate and produces the harsh sound that denotes this sleeping disorder. Some of the causes of snoring are listed below.

Why am I snoring so loud lately

When fatty tissue is deposited around the neck, it narrows one’s airway and restricts the passage of air. This restriction causes one to snore.

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In the early stages of pregnancy, the leading cause of snoring is fatigue and swollen blood vessels. The fatigue is the result of sleep interruptions caused by frequent peeing, morning sickness and the effect of progesterone(hormone).

Increased blood flow to maintain the pregnancy causes the swelling of blood vessels in the nasal passage. As the pregnancy progresses, the greater culprit for this condition becomes weight. The weight accumulated around the neck region narrows the airway and constricts passing air.

With age comes decreased muscle tone. This narrows the size of your throat restrict the amount of air you breathe in and causing you to snore. A decline in physical activity may lead to one putting on some extra weight as they age.

If the weight accumulates around the neck, it narrows your airway and restricts passing air.

Sleeping On Your Back
Your tongue and soft palate are exposed to greater forces of gravity when you sleep on your back. This causes your tongue and soft palate to collapse into the back of your throat thus obstructing the passing air.

Why have I been snoring lately

Alcohol and Some Types Of Medication
Alcohol and some types of medication, such as sleeping pills, have the effect of relaxing the muscles lining your throat walls. When they relax too much, they narrow your airway and restrict passing air.

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Smoking causes the inflammation the walls lining your throat as well as those of the nasal passage. This swelling limits the passage of air and causes one to snore.

A Long Uvula
A long uvula is more likely to result in obstruction by falling into the back of your throat than a short one.

How To Avoid Snoring

Some remedies for snoring are listed below.
Change Your Sleeping Position
Sleep on your side will prevent your tongue and uvula from dipping into the back of your throat and preventing the obstruction of passing air.

Cut Back On Alcohol And Avoid Sleeping Pills
This will control the relaxing effect on muscles and walls lining your throat.

Quit Smoking
solutions mentioned above prevent further inflammation and reverse the effect of tobacco smoke in your throat for smoother breathing.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene
Fatigue has been found to mimic the effects of alcohol and sleeping pills. It causes the muscles to relax too much to allow recovery. Ensuring you get enough sleep will wipe out the feeling of fatigue and reduce the chances of snoring.

Lose Weight
Losing excessive mass around the neck will allow easier breathing. This can be achieved through exercise and watching one’s dietary practices.

If the aforementioned solutions don’t deliver results, consider getting anti-snore drops. They work immediately and permanently. The highlighted text will direct you to further information on where to get them.

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