My Partner’s Snoring is Ruining Our Relationship How to Stop my Partner Snoring

My Partner's Snoring is Ruining Our Relationship How to Stop my Partner Snoring

My partner’s snoring is ruining my relationship

People will be surprised to know that snoring is a leading contender for causing divorces and being the source of relationship problems. In the United States Of America, Snoring is the third most common cause of divorce after Infidelity and financial problems.

It is not uncommon to hear people say things such as: ‘snoring is ruining my relationship’ or ‘my partner’s snoring is driving me mad’. You’ll be happy to know that there is a fix for all of this.

This condition comes about as a result of some blockage in your spouse’s airway. When the air going to their lungs is restricted, some of it is forced back into their mouths. The air forced into their mouths causes negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate thus producing the throaty sound that denotes this sleeping disorder.

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Some of the factors why your partner snores:

Age takes it toll on the tone of your partner’s muscles. Their lesser toned state makes them relax too much in such a way that they act as an obstacle to passing air. This may worsen their sleeping disorder.

Also, a decrease in physical activity as they age is likely to lead to weight gain or obesity. Accumulation of weight around the neck or throat narrows their airways and restricts the passing air.

An increase in blood flow, due to the pregnancy, may cause swelling of blood vessels in the nasal passages and cause restriction of air. Your (female) partner may also gain a significant weight during the later stages of the pregnancy.

If the weight concentrates around the neck region, it narrows their airway and restricts passing air causing them to snore.

A smoking partner will experience inflammation of the walls lining the throat. This swelling narrows their airways and restricts passing air.

Alcohol And Some Types Of Medication
Alcohol and some types of medication have a relaxing effect on muscles. When these muscles relax too much, they restrict the passage of some air and cause this sleep disorder.

How snoring affects your partner:

Sleep Deprivation
The most common effect of this condition on relationships is the lack of sleep.You’ll hear some say,’My partner’s snoring keeps me awake.’ The non-snoring partner will be kept up by the thunderous noise while the snorer will be stirred from their sleep by interrupted breathing.

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The lack of sleep caused by this condition affects the effectiveness of the parts of the brain responsible for reasonable judgement. Couples dealing with this sleeping disorder commonly get into a lot of arguments and use unfriendly tones with each other. This is likely destroying your relationship.

Lack of enough sleep has been scientifically linked to depression.

Lack Of Intimacy
It is common for partners to try and solve this problem by sleeping in separate rooms. This helps both parties get some sleep but robs them of the opportunity for intimacy. Pillow talk is no longer possible. Sex will most probably become less frequent. Your relationship begins to feel distant.

How to stop my partner’s snoring

This condition could lead to fatal conditions like GERD and strokes. This condition could be a symptom of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea may be the reason why your partner periodically stops breathing at night. To avoid these effects, consider the following remedies.

Change Your Partner’s Sleeping Position
Sleeping on your back sometimes causes the tongue and soft palate to drop into the back of your partner’s mouth and obstruct passing air. Sleeping on their side should correct this.

Suggest They Stop Smoking
This will reverse the inflammation in their throats caused by smoking.

Suggest they control their drinking and avoid some types of medication
This will control the rate of relaxation of their throat walls and muscles.

Get Surgery
This removes any obstruction in in their airways and is an excellent way to correct sleep apnea.

Weight Loss
Where weight is the problem, exercise and dieting may be the best solution.

To immediately and permanently fix your sleeping disorder an anti- snoring mouthpiece will offer some much-needed relief. The highlighted text leads to more information on where to get the most effective anti snoring mouthpiece for your partner.

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