Still snoring after giving birth and how to stop snoring after pregnancy

Still snoring after giving birth and how to stop snoring after pregnancy

Still snoring after pregnancy

In order to understand how snoring continues after pregnancy, it is important to know what causes it in the first place. This breathing condition is the result of the partial obstruction in one’s airway.

This restriction forces the air going to the lungs to be forced back into the mouth. The air pushed back into the mouth causes negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate. The vibration of the soft palate makes the harsh noise we refer to as a snore.

Why Am I Still Snoring After Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, multiple changes in a woman’s body occur to maintain the pregnancy. Some of these changes are directly responsible for snoring.

Exhaustion. The hormone progesterone is produced during the first weeks of pregnancy to maintain your pregnancy. Progesterone is responsible for feeling drowsy and needing to pee often.

These coupled with morning sickness at night can cause a lot of interruption during sleep. The sleep debt accumulated over time may lead to fatigue. In the state of fatigue, muscles lining the walls of your airway relax more during sleep. If the relax too much, the can cause partial obstructions that cause one to snore.

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Swollen nasal passages. During the later stages of pregnancy, your blood vessels experience increased blood flow that may cause them to swell. This swelling narrows your air passages resulting in the loud sound for which the sleeping disorder is known.

Weight gain. A standard feature of the last stages of pregnancy I s the weight you gain. When this fatty tissue occurs around the neck region, it narrows one’s airway and causes partial obstruction. The result is snoring

After pregnancy, the production of the hormone progesterone returns to its normal levels while swelling in the nasal passages decreases thus reducing the chances of snoring. What could be the main culprits of snoring after giving birth?

Why did my wife started snoring after birth

Exhaustion. One significant change in lifestyle after pregnancy, of course, is the baby. It is common for couples to be kept awake by their crying babies late at night. Over time the accumulated sleep debt may cause exhaustion and the subsequent sleeping disorder.

Obesity. The weight gained during pregnancy is the leading factor for most who suffer from this condition. Seeing as weight loss is a slow process, the weight gained around the neck region may cause partial blockage until it is lost. New mothers should be careful about gaining more weight after giving birth as this may worsen the situation.

Other factors. Some less obvious factors may include some types of medication, sleeping on your back and blocked nasal passages. Some medication may have the effect of relaxing your muscles too much.

This relaxation may partially block your airways. Sleeping on your back may see your tongue and soft palate collapse into the back of your mouth causing partial obstruction during inhalation. Your nasal passage may be blocked by the common cold or the flu and cause you to snore.

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There are multiple simple solutions to stop snoring after pregnancy.

Sleep on your side. This will prevent your tongue and soft palate from collapsing into the back of your throat and from causing an obstruction when sleeping.

Raise the back of your head. The angle at which your head is placed when sleeping will prevent your tongue and soft palate from retracting into the back of your throat and causing obstruction.

Alternate baby duties with your partner. Take turns in changing your child’s diapers and rocking them to sleep in the middle of the night. This way you can both get some good sleep and prevent exhaustion.

Lose weight. An obvious solution to the problem caused by weight gain is to lose the weight; preferably at your pace.

Some of these may work instantly while some of these may take a while to fix your problem. To stop snoring immediately and permanently we recommend a stop snoring mouthpiece. Click on the highlighted text for more information on where to get them.

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