How To Stop Snoring Immediately And Improve Your Health

How to stop snoring immediately and improve your health

How to stop snoring immediately

Snoring is rarely considered a medical condition. The most serious effect, in most people’s opinions, is the disruption to your partner’s sleep. Few, if anyone, thinks about the impact it may be having on their health. It is not only a symptom of several serious conditions, it can cause major health problems. We never ask ” Is snoring bad for your health ?”.

The serious health risks of snoring

In a Hungarian study, snoring has been linked to a significant increase in the risk of heart disease and stroke.

As worrying is the link with atherosclerotic plaque development and damage to the carotid artery. This in turn leads to carotid artery atherosclerosis, a chronic condition that involves the walls of the artery thickening. The complications from atherosclerosis range from weakness and fatigue all the way up to fatal heart attacks.

Loud snoring can also lead to ischemic stroke as a direct result of the vibrations it causes in the carotid. It has the ability to make atherosclerotic plaque that has become established on the wall of the artery to rupture, leading to a lack of blood flow to the brain.

It is also associated with poor sleep quality and subsequent sleep deprivation. These cause lifestyle issues that can become quite debilitating over time.

Snorers suffer from fatigue and an inability to focus on tasks, making them more likely to have accidents. Sleep deprivation leads to depression, irritability and mood swings. A lack of interest in sex and activities the snorer previously enjoyed is often reported.

Think about how much effort we put into preventing other causes of hearts attacks, strokes etc. We watch our diet, we exercise, we give up smoking. When it comes to this bad habit, we do surprisingly little. It’s not even a consideration despite it being much easier to fix than most other health risks.

What causes snoring ?

How to stop snoring immediately snore causes

It is the result of your airways being blocked, causing loud, irregular vibrations. The reasons for the blockage vary but usually are the result of the muscles in throat relaxing. They relax enough to cause a partial blockage of the airway, leading to irregular breathing and vibrations in the throat.

The muscles in the throat relax for a variety of reasons. Some of the main causes are:

  • The jaw moving out of position during sleep, causing the throat to close
  • Relaxants, such as alcohol or medication, making the throat muscles unable to stay open properly
  • An obstruction of the airways, particularly the nasal passage.
  • Sleep apnea
  • Weak throat muscles

Understanding the reasons why you snore can help you enormously with bringing it to a permanent end.

Is it possible to stop snoring permanently?

It is curable and it is preventable. The treatments range from medication to surgery, with many others inbetween. There are varied degrees of success within those remedies.

Medicine, in particular, is not very effective. It can relieve the effects of blockages in the nose or other medical conditions. It can’t, however, keep the throat muscles open. Medications always run the risk of undesirable side effects.

Surgery is very invasive and very expensive. Despite this, the results of surgery are varied and not at all guaranteed. It is only usually considered for very extreme cases, where a significant threat is posed to the snorer’s health.

Orthopaedic pillows are a commonly used solution but they are unreliable. They will open the throat muscles to a certain degree by putting the head and neck into the correct position. However, you need to remain in the correct sleeping position all night for it to be fully effective. Even then, the pillow cannot secure you in place, so the effectiveness can vary during the night.

The problem is that none of the above methods can guarantee to keep the airway open, which is mechanism by which snoring occurs.

Can any treatment stop snoring immediately?

Snoring is largely a mechanical process rather than a biological one. The best remedy for snoring is one that addresses the physical problem and makes it impossible for the conditions that lead to snoring to arise. A method that holds the airways open at all times will work immediately and effectively.

The best cure is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), also known as anti snoring mouthpiece. This is a mouth guard like device that you wear during the night. It is totally non-invasive, cheap and most importantly, it is a permanent solution to the problem.
How to stop snoring immediately mouthpiece

It prevents snoring from being physically possible, regardless of the root cause of the problem. As such, it is guaranteed to work and an MAD works immediately.

How an MAD stops snoring immediately

An MAD works by moving the jaw forward into a position that keeps the airway open at all times.

If you have learnt CPR you will be familiar with the concept. When giving a rescue breath during CPR, you put your hand under the casualty’s chin and push the jaw up and out. This opens the airway and allows you to deliver a breath to their lungs.

An MAD works on the same principle. By holding the jaw forward, it aids the airway in staying open. It is impossible to snore in that position and the jaw cannot move, so it will remain like this for the night. No matter how much you twist and turn, no matter what medication you have taken or even if your nose is blocked, an MAD holds your jaw in the correct position.

An MAD is the perfect balance of price, effectiveness and ease of use. An anti snoring mouth guard, such as the market leader AirSnore, can stop snoring immediately on the first night you use it.

It can do this naturally, without the need for any prescription medication, surgery or even a visit to the dentist. Because it fixes the jaw in place, the action is repeatable, so an MAD is a permanent solution for anyone.

 stop snoring immediately and permanently mouth guard

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