How to Stop Snoring When Pregnant – snoring solutions and remedies during pregnancy

How to Stop Snoring When Pregnant

How to avoid snoring during pregnancy

Getting pregnant is exciting. Having children is a big step in anyone’s life. Some of the bodily changes that come with pregnancy can take you by surprise. For first time mothers, the level of discomfort may be more amplified.

Having to pee often, nausea, mood swings, gaining weight and snoring are just some of the changes you experience. Starting to snore, though, seems to bother mothers a lot more than any other change.

Why do you snore when pregnant?

The harsh sound occurs when your airway is partially blocked. Any hindrance in your airway forces air back into the mouth causing negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate.

The vibrating soft palate emits the course sound we refer to as a snore. Some of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy are to blame for this condition.

Will snoring while pregnant go away?” you ask. Yes and no, depends on your body. After birth, your body begins to return to its normal state. Some of the bodily changes that cause this sleeping disorder disappear. Here is a detailed look at snoring in pregnancy.

Snoring during the first trimester of pregnancy

During early pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called progesterone to maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone is known to make women feel a bit drowsy. It is also partially responsible for making expectant mothers want to go to the bathroom often.

Morning sickness, ironically, doesn’t just happen in the morning. Nausea at night can rob one of enough deep sleep. The combination of fatigue and interrupted sleep due to nausea, physical discomfort, and having to pee often leave one feeling drained.

When we are exhausted, during sleep, the muscles in our throat supporting the airway relax. This relaxation may cause a partial blockage that results in snoring when pregnant.

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Snoring during the second trimester of pregnancy

In the second trimester, the tired feeling and the need to pee often subsides much to everyone’s relief.

Pregnant mothers can sleep more than in their first trimester but not as much as they did before the pregnancy. Here, you may snore because of swollen nasal passages. This is as a result of increased blood flow caused by pregnancy.

The increase in estrogen levels may cause the inside of your nose to swell and cause some difficulty in breathing. Seeing as most meds are prohibited during pregnancy, colds and allergies may become more prevalent and cause one to snore too.

Snoring during the third trimester of pregnancy

The most notable change in one’s body here is probably the weight gain. It isn’t uncommon to have 33 weeks pregnant and started snoring. At this point in one’s pregnancy, it is obvious to outsiders that one is expecting. When this weight accumulates around the neck and in the throat, it narrows one’s airways and causes one to snore.

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Home Remedies For Snoring when pregnant

Steamed eucalyptus
Steamed eucalyptus can remove congestion in the nasal opening and reverse the symptoms caused by dry air for quiet breathing. Simply pour steaming water into a large bowl and add some eucalyptus into it. Wear a towel over your head and lean in to inhale.

Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties that reducing the swelling in membranes lining the walls of your airways for smoother breathing at night. Add a few drops into a glass of water and gargle every day.

Raise the position of your head
A simple cure, raising your head with pillows prevents your tongue and soft palate from collapsing into the back of your throat and partially blocking it.

Sleep on your side
This prevents your tongue and soft palate from collapsing into the back of your throat and causing obstruction.

This sleep disorder can be a nuisance when pregnant but can be cured. Click on the highlighted text for natural stop snoring solutions to immediately and permanently of your condition.

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