How to Naturally Stop Snoring While Sleeping – What causes snoring while sleeping and remedies

How to Stop Snoring While Sleeping Naturally - What causes snoring while sleeping and remedies

How to naturally control snoring while sleeping

It’s seems sleeping has become increasingly difficult today, while the bright lights from all our devices, the endless cups of coffee we consume and the modern age stress has turned us into involuntary insomniacs.

Many of us are attempting to get some good night sleep immediately, and have resorted to taking sleeping pills. Unfortunately, these fall under a classification of medication that aggravates snoring. Snoring results from a partially blocked airway.

Sleeping pills have a relaxing effect on muscles lining (the walls of our airway), causing them to narrow and restrict passing air; the result is a throaty sound. How then do you snore if you are sleeping naturally (not using sleeping pills)?

7 Reasons For Snoring While Sleeping

Weight gained through pregnancy sometimes accumulates around the neck and narrows your airway. This restricts passing air and causes one to snore.

This refers to a condition where you have too much body fat. When fatty tissue accumulates around the neck, it narrows one’s airway and restricts the passage of air causing you to snore.

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The smoke from tobacco inflames your throat walls, thus narrowing your airway. This restricts air passing to the lungs and causes pressure that vibrates the soft tissue to produce a hoarse sound.

Alcohol has a similar effect to that of sleeping pills; it causes the throat muscles lining to relax and narrow one’s airway. This constricts passing air and causes one to snore.

Nasal Blockage
The common cold, a deviated septum or swollen vessels (due to allergic reactions) are the most common types of nasal blockages that cause one to snore.

Long Uvula And Long Soft Palate
The long uvula sometimes falls into the back of your throat and causes blockage that results in snaffle.

When we are tired we need to relax our body so with sleep. Sometimes, when we relax to much, our muscles causes the narrowing of the airway and restrict passing air.

Best 5 Remedies To Stop Snoring While Sleeping

How can I stop snoring while sleeping?’ you ask. Here’s the list of natural solutions.

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Steamy Eucalyptus Water
Lean into a bowl of steamed water with added eucalyptus and cover your head with a towel. This will clear nasal blockage for a smoother breathing.

Change Your Sleep Position
Avoid sleeping on your back. If you are snorer you should preferably sleep on your side. This will prevent your uvula and tongue from falling against the back of your throat.

Good Sleep Hygiene
Avoid stimulants, cofeine and nicotine before to bedtime, as well as food. Exercise to promote good rest and make sure you sleep in a pleasant environment for about 7 hours.

Quit Smoking
This will stop further inflammation of the throat walls, caused by smoke.

Reduce Alcohol Intake
This will control the rate at which throat muscles relax.

Alongside these remedies, natural drops for snoring will, permanently and quickly fix your sleep disorder. Click the highlighted text for more information about this effective solution.

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