How to Stop Snoring While Sleeping on Side

Snoring While Sleeping On Side

The main cause of snoring is the partial blockage of one’s airway. This hindrance restricts the passage of air and forces some air back into your mouth.

Air forced into the mouth causes negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate and makes the sound that denotes snoring.

Snoring while sleeping on your side

One of the many factors that aggravate this condition is your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back will subject your tongue and uvula to greater forces of gravity. This increases the chances of the tongue and uvula falling into the back of the throat and causing obstruction to passing air.

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Sleeping on your side is one way to avoid snoring. If it persists, your snoring is likely caused by a factor other than your sleeping position. Some more factors are listed below.

This refers to having more body fat than is considered acceptable. When this body fat accumulates around the neck region, it narrows one’s airway and restricts the passage of air and causes one to snore.

Muscle tone significantly diminishes as we age. This makes the walls lining our airways cave in a little thus narrowing our airways. If the volume of air breathed in remains unchanged, it would likely be restricted and cause one to snore.

Also, our physical activity decreases as we age leading to weight gain. When the weight gained occurs around the neck region, it narrows our airway and restricts the passage of air.

In the state of fatigue, our body muscles relax too much causing airways to narrow and restrict passing air.

Firstly, progesterone released during the initial stages of pregnancy leaves the mother feeling uncomfortable. This coupled with the constant need to pee and frequent morning sickness are likely to rob one of sleep. They eventually become fatigued and cause one to snore.

An increase in blood flow during pregnancy causes nasal blood vessels to swell and thus restrict the passage of air. The most notable factor in pregnancy is the weight gain. When the weight gained occurs around the neck, it will likely narrow one’s airways and restrict the passage of air.

Alcohol And Some Types Of Medication
Alcohol and medication such as sleeping pills have a relaxing effect on the muscles and walls lining the throat. When they relax too much, they restrict the passage of air and cause one to snore.

Nasal Blockage
Mucus from the common cold, a deviated septum or nasal swelling caused by allergic reactions act as obstacles to air passing to the lungs. This restriction will cause you to snore

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Smoking causes inflammation of the walls lining the throat and causes swelling that restricts the passage of air.

Does Sleeping On Your Side Stop Snoring?

Yes and no! If your sleeping disorder is as a result of sleeping on your back, sleeping on your side should alleviate your condition permanently.

If this sleeping disorder persists, it is likely being caused by something other than your sleeping position.’How can I stop snoring while sleeping?’, you ask. Here are a few alternative solutions.

Lose Weight
The lost weight will ease off the pressure placed on the throat and neck region thus allowing easier breathing.

Change Pillows Often
This reduces the chances of swelling in your nasal passage due to allergic reactions. Allergens tend to accumulate in one’s pillows.

This can be used to correct a deviated septum and clear one’s nasal passage for easier breathing.

Quit Alcohol
This will control the rate at which muscles relax for easier breathing.

Quit Smoking
This will reduce inflammation caused smoking.

Inhale Steamed Eucalyptus
Leaning over a bowl of steamy water and placing a towel over your head will help alleviate your condition by clearing congested nasal passages.

As most of these are time-consuming, you should consider snoring drops that offer relief immediately. The highlighted text leads to more information on the best snoring drops.

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