Stop Snoring While Sleeping on Stomach – Why Do I Snore When I Sleep On My Stomach ?

Stop Snoring While Sleeping on Stomach - Why Do I Snore When I Sleep On My Stomach

Snoring while sleeping on stomach

Does sleeping on your stomach cause snoring ? Probably not. Snoring results from a partially blocked airway. When passing air meets resistance, some of it is forced back into the mouth causing negative pressure. This vibrates the soft tissue and emits the throaty sound that denotes this sleeping disorder. The only sleeping position known to aggravate this condition is one where you lie on your back. This is because gravity may cause your tongue and uvula to fall into the back of your throat and cause restriction of passing air. A simple fix for this would be to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your stomach could prevent this from happening too but is less comfortable than sleeping on your side.

Reasons why you might be snoring while sleeping on your stomach.

Often overlooked, fatigue is a leading cause of this sleeping disorder today. In the state of fatigue, sleep causes your muscles to relax a bit too much. This level of relaxation causes narrowing of your airway and restricts the passage of air and cause you to snore.

Alcohol has a relaxing effect on your muscles. When the muscles lining your throat relax, they narrow your airway and restrict passing air.

Some Types Of Medication
Medication, such as sleeping pills, has a relaxing effect on your muscles. When they relax too much, the muscles narrow your airway and restrict the passage of air.

Tobacco smoke causes inflammation in the walls lining the throat. This narrows one’s airway and result in snoring.

This refers to the accumulation of too much body fat. When the fatty tissue accumulates around the neck, it narrows your airway and restricts the passage of air.

Age takes its toll on your muscle tone. This results in the narrowing of your airways. Also, a decrease in physical activity as we age will likely lead to significant weight gain. When this weight accumulates around the neck, it narrows your airway and causes you to snore.

Nasal Blockage
The common cold or a deviated septum are great examples of nasal obstructions. The narrow path for air forces it to pass with greater force and at higher speeds that vibrate soft tissue resulting in a throaty sound. Also, inflammation of blood vessels caused by allergic reactions narrows your airways and restricts passing air.

How To Stop Snoring While Sleeping On Stomach

Other than sleeping on your side, as mentioned earlier, there exist practical solutions to this sleeping disorder.

Raise Your Head With Pillows
While sleeping on your back, a pillow can be used to tilt your head in such a way that your uvula and tongue don’t fall into the back of your throat.

Change Pillows And Beddings Often
Allergens such as dust and pollen accumulate in our pillow over time. Changing them often reduces the chances of experiencing allergic reactions.

Lose Weight
Lose weight to reduce the pressure placed on your airway for easier breathing. A simple way to do this would be to engage in more physical exercise and watch what you it.

Quit Smoking
This will reduce the swelling in your throat caused by smoke and enable smoother breathing.

Reduce Alcohol Intake
This will control the level of relaxation of muscles happening as you sleep.

Inhale Steamy Eucalyptus Water
Place a towel over your head and lean over a bowl of steamy water with added eucalyptus. This clears nasal blockages such as the common cold and enables smoother breathing.

Alternatively, use drops for snoring to immediately and permanently relieve your breathing problems. Click on the highlighted text for more information on this and how to get it.

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