How to Stop Someone From Snoring While They Are Sleeping – Ways to make someone stop snoring

How to Stop Someone From Snoring While They Are Sleeping - Ways to make someone stop snoring

How to stop someone from snoring without waking them

Snoring occurs when there is a partial obstruction in the way of air moving towards the lungs. This obstruction forces air back into the mouth thus resulting in negative pressure that vibrates the soft palate and causes one to snore.

To those sleeping near us, the constant rattling noise is frustrating. Those of us unfortunate enough to snore deal with irregular breathing which will prevent them from getting that much needed deep sleep. It’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

What causes someone to snore?

We tend to become less physically active as we age. This means that we will likely gain significant amounts of weight as we age. When the weight accumulates around the neck, it narrows one’s airway and restricts the passage of air.

Also, muscle tone decreases significantly with age. As a result, the muscles relax too much and cause obstruction to passing air.

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A key feature of gestation is weight gain. When the weight gained occurs around the neck, it narrows one’s breathing airway and causes some restriction to passing air resulting in a throaty sound.

Also increased blood flow during pregnancy causes the swelling of blood vessels in the nasal passage and restricting moving air.

When fatty tissue accumulates around the neck and throat, it restricts moving air.

Nasal Blockage
It could be as simple as the common cold or the more severe deviated septum. Any blockage will limit air, lead to snoring and cause difficulty in breathing.

Sleeping On Your Back
This sleeping position exposes the tongue and soft palate to the forces of gravity. The tongue and soft palate are likely to drop into the back of the throat and cause obstruction.

Alcohol has a relaxing effect on the muscles and walls lining the throat. If they relax too much, they cave in and cause obstruction to passing air.

Smoke from cigarettes causes inflammation to the walls lining the throat. This swelling narrows the airway and restricts passing air.

Some Types Of Medication
Some types of medication such as sleeping pills have a similar effect to that of alcohol. They cause the muscles and walls of the throat to relax too much. This may restrict the passing air.

A long Soft Palate And Uvula
A long uvula sometimes falls into the throat and obstructs passing air.

How To Stop Someone From Snoring Immediately

Is it rude to wake someone up when they are snoring? It is a complicated situation, isn’t it? It’s a good thing there are solutions to snoring which keep you from having to solve this little dilemma. Ways to stop someone from snoring include:

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Things to help stop snoring

Lose Weight
Weight is clearly a fundamental cause of this sleep disorder. The most obvious path towards losing weight is physical exercise and watching your diet. This should gradually see you shed off weight and prevent you from gaining more.

Change Your Sleeping Position
This will prevent your tongue and soft palate from crashing into the back of your throat

There are surgical options to remove obstacles such as a deviated septum.

Change Your Pillows Often
Sometimes allergens accumulate in beddings and pillows. Changing them will prevent swelling in the nasal passages; as a result allergic reactions.

Quit Smoking And Drinking
This should correct the inflammation caused by smoking as well as control the level of relaxation in the walls lining the throat.

There are also more efficient remedies in the form of stop snoring products that instantly and permanently fix this sleeping disorder. The highlighted text will lead you to further information on the most effective stop snoring products.

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Products that help stop snoring

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