Why do I snore when I never used to ?

Why do I snore when I never used to

Never used to snore now I do

You have probably heard how snoring can be upsetting or a nuisance to people but have never actually paid attention; it didn’t affect you. One night while you are fast asleep, your partner wakes you up. “You are snoring,” they say.

Seeing as it’s the first time you’ve heard anyone say this, chances are you will take a defensive stance.” I never used to snore ,” you think to yourself. What do you do, though, when it becomes apparent to you that you snore?

Some causes of snoring are less severe and may last for as little as a week while some may take months to reverse. All of them involve air being partially constricted. The partial blockage of air is responsible for snoring. Below is a list of what may be cause you to snore.

Why Do I Snore Now?

Alcohol has a relaxing effect on muscles. Too much alcohol could cause the muscles lining the throat to relax and obstruct your airway.

Obstruction forces air back into the mouth. The negative pressure causes the soft palate to vibrate and cause you to snore.

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Smoke from tobacco and other types ‘smokes’ irritates the lining of the throat. This irritation causes them to swell and narrow one’s airway. This constriction causes snoring.

The accumulation of fatty tissues in the neck or throat may narrow one’s airways. This narrowing process has the effect of restricting air. Weight gain is a common explanation for why you never snored before but now do.

As we age, we lose muscle tone and put on weight. Throat tissues become more relaxed and act as obstacles in the throat. The weight we gain also narrows the throat airways causing the snore sound to appear.This is why you’ll hear aged partners say things like,”my husband never used to snore.”

As a coping mechanism, people tend to eat more when they are stressed. Eating more calories than we can burn in a day results in the accumulation of fat tissue. When this fatty tissue is deposited around the throat and neck region it narrows one’s airway causing people to snore.


One noticeable change during pregnancy is an increase in weight. When this growth occurs around the neck, it may lead to the narrowing of one’s airway.

Nasal deformities
A deviated septum is one such deformity. The septum refers to the wall separating the nasal cavity into two halves. When the septum isn’t correctly placed is acts as an obstacle to passing air and causes snoring.

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Large Uvula or soft palate
An unusually large uvula or soft palate obstruct air as it passes through the mouth causing the vibration that results in snoring.

Allergic reactions manifest themselves in the form of swelling. When this swelling occurs in the nasal area it will cause air restriction.

Some surgical procedures such Rhinoplasty can cause snoring. Rhinoplasty (a nose job) involves narrowing your nasal airway. While it may increase aesthetic value, it may lead to snoring.

I never used to snore in my sleep

Snoring should not be taken lightly! Some of the effects may be fatigue and sleep deprivation. Some disastrous effects may include having a stroke or GERD. One aware of the consequences of snoring would naturally want to fix this immediately and permanently.

Losing your weight, reducing your intake of alcohol, quitting smoking and going through surgery are great ways to solve this problem but in the long-term perspective. A more immediate approach would be the use of anti-snoring devices. Put in the mouth to correctly position the jaw and ensure minimum restriction in the airway. Click the highlighted text for the most efficient anti snoring device.

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