Why have I started snoring all of a sudden ? Suddenly started snoring

why have I started snoring all of a sudden

Why am I snoring all of a sudden

Snoring refers to the rattling noise caused by the vibration of respiratory structures when breathing is partly blocked. The blocking of respiratory airways is usually as a result of a narrow throat coupled with relaxed tissues in the throat, the upper wall of the mouth, and the soft palate. Changes in the shape and state of these tissues are the real culprits behind sudden snoring in adults.

What causes sudden snoring ?

A lot of people who snore didn’t always have this problem. It’s frustrating to suddenly started snoring. Here is the breakdown of the common reasons for snoring all of a sudden:


Overweight people accumulate a lot of extra tissue. When this excess tissue accumulates around the neck and the throat, it narrows the airway and obstructs air flow. This obstruction will make you snore.

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Some people naturally have narrow airways in their respiratory structures. These airways sometimes cause the tissue to touch and block the airflow. This is causing temporary obstruction in one’s airway, therefore you snore.

Others have abnormally weak throat wall tissue. This kind of weakness causes the wall tissue to collapse during sleep and causes snoring.

Sleeping on your back

In some people, sleeping on one’s back exposes oral tissue to the high forces of gravity. The tongue consequently slips and partially clogs the airway thus causing vibration of soft tissues.

Nasal congestion

Congestion in the nasal cavity can be as a result of the common cold, the flu, and a deviated septum. This hindrance interrupts the flow of air in one’s airway and strains the breathing process.


Tobacco smoke causes inflammation of throat. Inflammation of throat narrows the throats airway and results in snoring.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis refers to the inflammation of the nasal cavity due to allergic components such as pollen or dust. This sort of inflammation narrows the throats airway and obstructs airflow.

Use Of Medication

Some types of medication like sleeping pills cause the tissue in the throat to relax a bit too much during sleeping. This relaxation causes the tissue to obstruct the airway and interrupt air flow. The result, you will snore.

Why have I suddenly started snoring

Alcohol Consumption

Depressants like alcohol induce muscle relaxation during sleep. Too much use of alcohol can cause the throat tissue to obstruct one’s airway. This obstruction causes respiratory vibration.

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A Mispositioned jaw

A mispositioned jaw can be the result of an accident or the result of being hit by an object or simple muscle tension. This displacement can result in the throat airway and hinder the passage of air causing you to snore.

Sleep Deprivation

Not getting enough sleep intensifies tissue relaxation as one progressively falls asleep. This relaxation could lead to tissue obstructing the throat airway.

The side effects of sudden snoring

Heart Disease

There is a close link between heart issues and snoring and sleep apnea. They lead to cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and Coronary Artery Disease. If left unchecked, these could potentially escalate to heart failure and premature death.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease(GERD)

The manner in which air flows irregularly through the airway in people who snore or have sleep apnea may cause the sucking up of stomach contents back into the esophagus.


Interrupted sleep for both you and your partner puts a strain on your body resulting in fatigue. This fatigue may lead to mental issues such as depression.

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